1. A new chapter is out and I had enjoyed it.
  2. Oh man, canute, i love his change in character lately. He's grown so much as a ruler. I really wish that instead of thorfinn taking all those hits, he put the guy on the ground. A healthy thorfinn with a pair of daggers, i think, could easily take out that group of warriors that canute has behind him.
  3. Good chapter was good :)
    @superbob: I think not because this is not your average shounen.
    Prediction for the next chapter, Thorfinn will declare his intention of leaving with the Ketils, which are free to go since they have surrendered. Canute will have the farm but he will be spurred to chase Thorfinn due to the conversation and Jomvikings's leader.
  4. 2 new chapters are out!!!
    Start reading from here.
    I have loved the negotiation with Canute!
  5. Yeah, I really didn't expect it to turn out that way; loved the last page about Thorgil. I hope we get to see him again sooner or later.
  6. Chapters 100 and 101 are out and they are great

    I love Yivla!
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  7. GOD FINALLYYY!!! Can't believe it's been so long... Loved the chapters... Don't have anything to say about it, it's been so long I can't remember half the stuff that happened, but I just loved them.
  8. A new chapter is out!
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  9. 3 NEW CHAPTERS are out!
    Unfortunately, I have only found them at MangaPanda.
    Anyway enjoy the new developments in the story of Thorfinn son of Thors!
  10. That rich dude is plotting something. If the King wants land so badly, why doesn't he confiscate some of his? He has plenty.
  11. Chapter was great. Shit's deep yo. I nearly thought she was really going along with it, but then the knife.I guess we need some more mediating skills from Thorfinn.
  12. 3 new chapter have been released, the start is 109
  13. Chapters 113 and
    chapter 114
    are out. There are interesting specially the last 3 pages of the last chapter.
  14. Yeah, Thorfinn saved by a chick with a crossbow. What is life?
  15. At first pretty boring first pages chapter and then it got me thinking Will Thorfinn have a harem?. Then out of nowhere BAM! Iniego Montego!

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