1. Vinland Saga

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    one of the best mangas around. I only wish it was published, and translated more frequently.

    Whats better then Bad Ass Vikings?
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    Yeah this is really good and doesn't fall into the usual "adventure" cliches. Also the artwork is much different than what I'm used to and I really enjoy it.
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    Epic Manga is Epic. Vikings > All.

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    I hate that this Manga is monthly now and not weekly like before.
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    me too.

    The latest chapter was so sad. Poor Thorfin..:(
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    I wonder how many years has passed since Askeladd's death. Chapter wasn't much better scanlated than it was raw. It's all about introducing Thorfinn again. He must be around 17, 18 years old now. Maybe even older.
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    Meh... his hair was pretty long before and seemed to be at least 15 to me. I doubt it's been much more than a year or 18 months considering Leif was running around trying to find out where he was sold.
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    I had to got back the the previous chapter cause the skip made it feel like I missed one or two.

    Poor Thorfin. He looks like a shred of his former self.
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    Thorfinn looks life less.

    Now we only have to wait until he finds love, loses love, and killing again.
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    To me it seemed his hair growed at least 10. Besides, he has a beard now. He doesn't seem like the type to get a beard on his 16th..
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    That scruffy little bit of stubble can hardly be considered a beard... and I doubt it's short because he's actually been shaving at all.
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    Well it isn't really about the amount of stubbles, but the way it's surrounding his mouth, chin and parts of his cheek. You just don't go from really smooth 15 year old to a scruffy dude like that in 1 year if you ask me, but we'll see.

    Also compare this Vinland Saga 54 page 05 | One Manga to this Vinland Saga 55 page 34 | One Manga his hair went from ear length to shoulder length. All that in 1 year? I don't think so, unless he uses a magic shampoo I don't know of. I'm basing this all on real facts though. This is a manga so the mangaka might handle it otherwise. It's just unbelievable for him to change that much in 1 year IMO.
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    meh... I said a year to 18 months... maybe 2 years max but I can't see it being any more than that.
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    lol love struck :D
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    Back to waiting another month for a new chapter :(. This chapter was way too short again. Barely anything happened...
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    Thorfinn became too tamed for comfort :/
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    I hate seeing Thorfinn being reduced to this pathetic state. He could kill everyone there and become the ruler of that property right there and then.

    Meh....hopefully we see him revert to his old self soon.

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