1. Yeah around chapter 70 the creator said it was about half finished
  2. They’re entering the final arc of the manga. I didnt expect that. I always felt that there’d be a timeskip somewhere down the line.
  3. Apparently, the authors original plan was to end it with the escape. It would've only been one arc, but they wanted him to extend it. He agreed to go on, but only if he could end on his terms.
  4. https://readms.net/r/neverland/102/5337/1?mobile=1

    Talking about time skips.

    Thats great to know. No stupid meddling by editors.
  5. Nice prediction, Haoh.

    I like that they're moving forward the story. The most intense stuff already passed, now it's juist a good build-up to the final confrontation, have an epic climax and then an epilogue.

    It's a good run, with structured story-telling, but the concept and content is absolutely great.
  6. O shit they found the hide out
  7. Shit's gonna get down!
  8. Damn Yugo hit me in the feels and dropped some life-lessons goddamn.

    This is why I read manga and why it resonated with me so strongly when I started.
  9. fucking kids.

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