1. According to the editors, the series is about half finished. I think that's probably a good thing. I'm sure ittl be a great series.
  2. Already? I guess there's not much to continue after they've finished the initial storyline
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  4. That was an awesome chapter, pretty excited for what's to come.
  5. This series is like a breath of fresh air, I really love it. I hope this shit gets animated.
  6. This could definitely be a 24 ep series.
  7. Hey hey, don't sleep on this! Shit's epic!
  8. Anime has been announced
  9. Looks like this arc is starting to wrap up.
  10. Yeah. Will Emma survive that?
  11. Any chance she might die dried up with Norman also not dying. If he had stayed dead, I'd think there was a chance. She's the scrappy protagonist who tries to save everyone, can't really see a shonen manga going full dark surviving.
  12. It would be a nice plot twist if she would actually die though.
  13. I dont know man. That looked like a fatal blow, but like you said. This is a shounen and she is the main. Also I’m pretty sure they’re going to find a way to turn Norman back to normal
  14. Okay, that was pretty lame.
  15. Yeah, she was saying they're free now, but they still have to get over the wall, and still have to deal with the whole dividedness between those two worlds. Shit's only going to get tougher.

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