1. A new chapter is out which is adding to the intrigue and nobody comments on it.
  2. Just read it today.

    So we got some additional details on why the demon was helping the kids. I really like that. Nice small twist.

    Additionally the quotes around the word demon again confirm that it's not correct terminology for them. Really makes me curious on what the heck they are.
    I assume that they have proper name for themselves but even then calling them demons should not be an issue. And yet it always seems like it is.
  3. A new chapter has been released. Read it here!
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  5. The guy is insane but it is understandable under the situation.
    Let's see who the poachers are.
  6. New chapter is out!
  7. What about those tea parties? Every chapter, I have more questions than answers.
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  8. Pretty impressive to survive those monsters.

    Is it me, or is the art becoming worse?
  9. I was thinking the same thing about the art
  10. Yeah. I'm loving the design of the monsters though, if you can call them that? What's the name of that species? It's like a whole other species on top of the food chain alongside humans, and you have also less developed distant cousins from the intelligent ones like we are related to prime-apes.
  11. My take is that he was originally not interested, but once emma showed up and piqued his interest, he's going to start hunting the other children to provoke her into combat.
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  12. https://readms.net/r/neverland/071/4834/1

    Shit's intense. They're almost getting into contact with Minerva. Genuinely excited about what the human world is like and whether they have any information stream coming from the demon world or if they're really just cut off.
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  13. Seems like mangastream doesn't give a shit if One Piece isn't coming out. Interesting chapter though. I feel like this could be a pretty short series, I hope not but if that's how it goes I won't mind.
  14. https://readms.net/r/neverland/072/4849/1

    Mangastream is quite late with the new releases lately. Normally, they do release the whole shounen jump bunch on Thursday-Friday.

    The series seems to becoming quite popular, it's winning awards.

    On the best chapters in a while, a lot of revealing information and the story has really progressed with this chapter. Amazing moral dilemma. So basically, there are three options now... Doubtful they will choose war, but I hope in some way they disrupt the balance of power and just wreck the whole fucking place. Let's fucking go.

    Any news on an anime? I'd watch it.
  15. intense chapter. those monster leaders look civilised AF.

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