1. Pretty goddamn epic. I have more and more questions each chapter.
  2. http://readms.net/r/neverland/043/4352/1

    Man, that was two quick chapters in a row.

    It's getting really intense. I really like how basically these demons are a completely different intelligent species from humans. Imagine that, a species on par with us, vying over domination on earth. That pursuer killing that wild demon in the woods is basically humans killing an Urang Utan, that have like 98 % DNA similarities with us, right? Or something like that.

    This manga is some real good quality stuff, I can see this continuing for years and years.
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  3. I'm enjoying this still but, I really miss the dynamic of the house, and them trying to outsmart mother.
  4. Finally getting exciting. Can't wait for more.
  5. Skull Knight's looking a lot smaller, but more fleshy.
  6. When was not this manga exciting? It is a thrill ride - an incredible rollercoaster.

    It, OP, Mob Psycho, Kingdom and Gosu are my top currently running mangas.

    Who else didn't like the smile of the hooded girl?

    EDIT: How could I forgot about Vinland Saga?
  7. Damn. A twist at every corner! Seems like that demon race isn't as homogeneous after all.
  8. Perhaps these guys are the Demon equivalent of vegans. They have a strong repulsion of eating sentient animals.
    Or they are the equivalent of the "free range" better life for animals.
  9. Well this is jumping up quite a few levels of excitementt since the farm.
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  12. I do too wonder what are the demons and I am also not buying the explanation. It's...
    It feels incomplete. Like there is something else missing from it.

    What definitely is shady is about interactions between from demons and humans being non existent.

    That's bollocks. Because they were getting toys and human stuff
    Also does not explain the arbitrary end date of books.

    And there are humans apparently working as equals with demons.

    Yeah. There is something going on. Way more complex than the convenient explanation given in this chapter
  13. @dreed: The mystery has to be kept...
    Let's see where and when the heroes will go to...
  14. For the past two chapters, there's been two coloured pages at the end of the chapter with Minerva sending them a message. When was this message seen in the story itself? I thought they only knew of Miverva through the books.
  15. Interesting chapter, looking forward to see where they are going.
    @Thunderbox: According to other forums the colored pages at the end of the chapters are from the manga's Japanese website. After the visitor of the website completes a IQ test and gets more 300 points these pages are revealed. This information is the best explanation found for these pages.
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