1. Man if leaving phil on purpose was part of the plan Norman's a Fucking genius. Lets see How this will work out.
  2. You know, I never took notice of Phil, ever. Even though I've been hearing these theories about him, I just never saw how special he is :/

    Anyway, I'm just excited where these would lead to. Looking forward to next week.
  3. The popular theory is that the Emma knowingly left children behind to delay Mama.
  4. New chapter is out
    Man that actually was part of the plan ketting a 4 year old in on the plan. Hè didnt have to do much but still a 4 year old. Thats kinda pushing it author.
    Anyway who cares, we're getting to the good part finally
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  5. I sortof agree but

    they only picked phil and those kids are raised to be as smart and analytical as possible. so if he is norman-lite I can kinda do buy it.

    I so love this manga.
  6. I really want to know why those monsters and humans are working together. The universe of this manga has insane potential.
  7. What an interesting series, cant wait to see where this is all going.
  8. Found this spoilers at Reddit

    Mama reminisces. As a child, she used to sing, with her friend Leslie, a song of Leslie's making. Afterwards, Leslie was shipped out, and Isabella became a Mama candidate at the recommendation of her Mama at the time. She grew up, became pregnant, and sang Leslie's song to the child in her womb. Having safely ascended to the position of Mama, she gave her children all the love she could, wishing for them to be able to experience, if nothing else, a single day of pure, untainted happiness in their lives. One day, Isabella is dismayed by the scene of Ray singing Leslie's song. "...Why did you give birth to me, mother?" he asks. "So that I could survive," she replies. While knowing the truth of Leslie's death, she wished to work to at least prevent herself from being eaten. However, though she continued to resist the truth, with the escape of Emma and the others, Isabella is able to accept her own defeat. She knows what she should do, if she truly loved those children... nursing a sense of remorse, she sees the escaped children off on their journey with a smile. She disposes of the ropes they used to escape, and lets Phil and the younger kids hear Leslie's song as a lullaby. Dashing through the forest, Emma and the others seize their freedom. Just as they leave the cover of the trees, the sun rises before them. Emma: "It's our first morning."

    That's some beautiful writing there...
  9. Wow i dont remember the last time spoilers were posted on any thread, there used to always be spoilers for bleach naruto and shit.
  10. The most important part of the manga after the farm reveal starts now.
    I'm especially curious as to how or if they're going to fight the monsters.
  11. Same here, dude.

    I loved that in the end, Mama tried to help the children in the tiniest way she could. She's just cog in a system, turning turning turning. Nothing else she could've have done differently. She also spoke of getting to the top, so that must mean there are more central positions as head of one full plantation or maybe there's a Ministry of Plantations.
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  12. That one page though, jesus.

    How can you raise your own child knowing that when they turn 12 they're going to be slaughtered... Holy fuck that page was dark
  13. :omg:
    What an revelation!
    I need the next chapter NOW!
  14. Soooo is it okay to like mamma now?
  15. No, it is not!
    Her last act doesn't redeem her for Norman, Conny and the other unseen children she served to the monsters. Also, lying to the children, breaking Emma's leg, etc.
    She is a Quinsling!
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  16. Indeed, it's not because she's just a cog in the machine that she's innocent. I can see some mitigating circumstances in that, but she clearly knew what she was doing, and it partly also came out of some voluntarism, you wouldn't be able to all sweep it under the carpet of: "it happened under duress". Reminds me of Adolf Eichmann.
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  18. New chapter is out!
    What an ending!!!

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