1. Holy shit, what a climax.
  2. Caught up just now after a month of not reading it. Goddamn that's one helluva depressing manga but so intense.

    I felt bad about Krone even though she like mamma are evil. Still her death was so sad and yet uplifting with her last 'f--- u' directed at mama. The pen, the knowledge that people are on equal level with those monsters (which are also not monsters, as she was surprised when the kids referred to them as such) are something mama does not expect and will bite her in the ass.

    I just hope norman has a plan!
  3. Somehow I feel we haven't seen the last of Norman yet... Still, that was messed up.
  4. That last panel was sure satisfying.
  5. Yes, it was!
    Can't wait to see what she has been doing during the past two months.
    So do you think Norman is alive?
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  6. 100% we're gonna see Norman again.
  7. Those last few pages where he is coming to peace with his death still fucking haunt me.

    Ray is my fucking hero. A true Viking!
  9. Is that in reference to the new Vinland Saga chap? :awesome
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  10. [IMG]
  11. I sympathize with Ray. He went insane all those years knowing what his fate was.
    Can't wait for the next chapter.
  12. New chapter is out!
    All I can say is: The look of "Mama" face!
  13. Hell Yeah Norman and Emma the real mvp's
  14. god damn these twists and turns. this manga has been amazing

    It has been years my heart was beating so hard from reading one single manga chapter. Holy fuck.
  16. New chapter is out!
    In every group there is one guy... You know the type....
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  17. Was he missed by accident or was he left on purpose to distract mama

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