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    Is anyone else reading it?

    I really got into it. The suspense, mystery and just pure creepiness of this manga is very enjoyable to read.
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  2. I'll check it out. It's been a while since I started a new manga.
  3. Holy shit, you were right. Some panels got me really freaked out. It has literally been years since I got so excited for a manga, I got so freaked out when "Mama" stared Emma dead in the eyes, goddamn.
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  4. A thrilling manga. Read from first chapter and cannot get enough. It has really smart twists and turns, I cant think them all.
  5. This manga is so good... latest chapter was fantastic
  6. Yeah, it was so intense.
  7. Been following it since the beginning and loving it. I wonder If we'll get a timeskip once they escape of if the mangaka Will show the kids grow up.
  8. I mean dude, why skip their whole discovery of what the world looks like right now? Once they escpape, they're still fugitives and maybe those monsters will be looking for them. it's not like once they're out, all is safe and good.
  9. Yeah, but what can a bunch of kids do against monsters. They'd be only running away the entire time.
  10. Chapter fifteen had some glorious funny reactions and really creepy pages.

    A bit slow paced but every panel was enjoyable to read
  11. The pace is so slow, the suspense is killing me...
  12. @Thunderbox: Then the mangaka is wonderfully doing his job!
    I am calling it: Mother will help the trio escape. She is like Norman conning the monsters in a long chess game.
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  13. Asbolutely no fucking way.
  14. I agree that mama is not on the side of monsters but she is neither on the side of kids. Remember that we saw her real self promising herself that she will survive.

    There is so much we don't know. What's the status of the world, where does mama get the stuff for kids and for Ray.
    Where did the Sister come from?

    There is definitely more than monsters eating kids stuff going on
  15. http://mangastream.com/r/neverland/019/3883/1

    While Mom's motives are ambiguous, it is fairly obvious what Sister Krone wants. This is getting fucking intense, almost leaped out of my chair at one of the panels, holy fuck. She really know how to make it a page-turner!
  16. Nobody read the latest chapter?
    It is so brutal!

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