1. Chapter 63 is out @ Mangastream!
    The last 11 pages are mind blowing!!!
  2. Wait what? There are giant creatures that eat humans in this manga?


    If Titans can gain abilities by eating titans with that ability then I assume Erin's dad was a titan - but what about all the titans that ate Annie when she called for them? Is it because none got the neck part?
  3. Woooow... This blew my mind. I'm not following at all anymore.
  4. all of those pages with no words...and now we have to wait a month to get a proper explanation.
  5. They will have to nerf the marvel characters.
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  6. Seriously. Thor could waltz through that universe.
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  7. You wouldn't even need Thor. Considering that it is filled with regular humans that have to use every fiber of their being just to use the equipment necessary to battle Titans, there are plenty of less powerful characters that could completely waltz through it:

    Spider-man basically does what the military in AoA in terms of swinging except for him it's easy as fuck.

    Fuck, it requires so much from these people to be able to use their skills meaning that it would be easy for anyone who was at least at Captain America's level of power.
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  9. This is getting intense. How the hell can the family have such a strong power...
  10. If Eren's dad ate the daughter and Eren ate his dad. Does that mean that Eren has her power, and if so is that shot to make Historia into a titan so she can take it back?
  11. That's the theory - but if I have the timeline right, that means Frieda had the power to control the titans when they first attacked and Eren's mom was killed. I'm guessing that's what Eren's father means when he tells Eren to get vengeance.

    That we're being narrated memories from two characters listening to a person who has the power to alter human memories means that it's likely not entirely true (just mostly). That he was the sole survivor is... odd, at best.
  12. I have never believed Historia' s dad.
    To me, he is behind all of this but I cannot understand the reason: he has power even Titan one but what does want.
    What he gains besides a pet Titan?
    Is it due to the highly intelligent Gorrila Titan from 10 chapters ago?

    Another issue: What power has the Ackerman family besides being super soldiers?

  13. If the Titans don't get slaughtered, I'm calling BS.

    One of the pictures has the Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America among others with the GotG; and hell, Hulk alone should be more than enough to slaughter all the titans. An epic fight would make sense if only street-level characters like Spider-Man or Captain America were chosen, but with characters like Hulk it wouldn't make any sense. Yet I have a feeling that the Marvel characters will be nerfed or the Titans upgraded beyond SnK canon to make it an epic fight when it really shouldn't be.
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  14. Hanji finds machina RPG?? Awesome! Mikasa should be blonde hair blue eyed to offset the entire cast being asian ^_^
  15. For those who haven't heard yet, the Marvel/Attack on Titan crossover is out:


    It's so short that there's not much I can say about it. I'm disappointed it's so short and that there's not really any story to it. Just titans appear and the Marvel characters take them out. This looks more like the set-up for a crossover or a teaser than a real crossover to me. So far, the Marvel characters don't appear to be having much of a problem dealing with the titans, as I expected.

    For some good news, at the first Shingeki no Kyojin movie's premiere, it was revealed that Season 2 will come in 2016. The fans, as expected, despaired over this. But hey, any more Shingeki no Kyojin in 2015, and it'll feel overwhelming, you know. The second movie and the live action movie both in 2015! At least there's something SnK-related for next year...
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  16. im trying to imagine the reactions of the anime lovers of this series when they get to see the new season. Assuming they fell in love with all the titan eating man aspect of the show, they are gonna be sorely disappointed with the lack of titans through the majority of the second half of the story.
  17. There's still enough aerial manoeuvring action. I'm pretty sure we'll get to see the Titans in a few chapters. Maybe even the next, but yeah. Season 2 will definitely be alot different from season 1.

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