1. Kenny?? KENNY???

    what a stupid name to be substituted for "Jack". Other than that, good chapter. These anti-human 3D gears looks awesome, can't wait see more of it next chap.
  2. Seeing Levi against humans is surprisingly the most badass thing I've seen in this manga. Holy smokes
  3. If everyone was on Levi's level. He's like the Jackie Chan of killing shit. I swear this issue was right out of Naruto with all the flipping, dodging and shit.
  4. ^ You mean Naruto from like 10 years ago, right?
  5. Gotta thank AdultSwim for airing this anime. I wanted to stay away from it since I hate horror, but this story is too f-ing genius.

    That scene with Commander Irvin goes down in Top 5 Greatest Moments Ever. I felt like I died and came back to life. All the characters in this are surprisingly intricate. Even the drill instructor in the beginning is a badass.

    Still so many unanswered questions.. Good to know this is wrapped up in 2 years. I hope the Survey Team gets that upgraded 3DM technology. It would benefit Armin the most. He cant replace Commander Irvin unless he gets better in combat.

    My opinion is that that Titan is the main antagonist. AoT is morally confusing because the echelon of power has yet to be established. If you ask me, that Beast holds all the power, for now.
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  7. Where does this mangaka get all this time for all these off-shoots plus the original manga?! He and his team are apparently unstoppable. They must be illustrating on their free time...

    I'm really enjoying backstory of these legendary characters, thx for the link.

    As for the chapter, I have a bad feeling that Kenny is about to pull a Budd.
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  9. Man... This is getting more cruel by the chapter. The titans were worse enough, but now it's a whole people trapped inside a wall left at the mercy of the king. The despair is even greater than fighting the titans...

    I wonder how many survey corps members are left, a lot of people got killed during Kenny's attack..
  10. dangerous strategy but it worked. I sure am glad we are almost done with this political BS, now we can finally move onto titans
  11. I heard that.

    Ironically enough, it was the political bullshit and not the Titans that almost killed humanities greatest.
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  12. I think there's still one more chapter of human fighting - still have to rescue Erin and Historia after all.
  13. The location looks arcane and Kenny is there and time is of the essence. Seems like an impossible save, unless Titans.
  14. This chapter should be called Erwin' s huge brass balls!
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  15. Has the petition Armin is a guy started yet? If yes were do I sign?

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