1. Dude why is that bad news? It's actually good news. The manga is going to be over after 8 volumes so you can bet your ass that a new season for the anime will be greenlit when that time comes and we'll see the real conclusion to this story instead of some anime original stuff.
  2. Well it sounds like about a 4 month wait to release a volume, which means 8 volumes = 32 months = over 2.5 years. This makes sense, since it apparently took ~4 years to release 11 volumes.

    2.5 years is a looooong ass time to wait for a season 2, especially for such an awesome show.
  3. I was wondering if Eren had an ability like the others. He makes it sound like the abilities aren't specifically assigned though and that Eren somehow took this one.
  4. That's nuts. Looks like after this reveal Eren is the key to everything. As for the manga ending at Vol 20. I have no complaints. I mean it should'nt take them too long to wrap up this story. Sometimes it's best just to walk away and end stuff that drag it out under editorial pressure to preserve the legacy of your work. Also does anyone know if the AOT anime is doing an original ending? Did the show deviate from the manga's plot?
  5. Season ended with Annie's capture. I don't think there's news on a season 2 yet. It follows it fairly closely with some fluff built in.
  6. Seems like what xandor said is true, that they might know about abilities but that they don't have access to them. Each one is different and it seems that Eren now has the ability to direct the titans to attack
  7. damn, no wonder they all want a piece of eren
    just what in the hell was his father doing to him?
  8. You weren't kidding. I stopped reading halfway. I already saw the raw, so I'll wait for a proper scanlation.
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  10. At least they figured it out that fast. I was wondering if the author was gonna drag this out another few volumes but at least we know now that Titans are people now we can focus on what the hell's going on with Eren, who's been turning people into Titans and why and this organization that Riener and Bernholdt worked for and the Beast Titan.
  11. ^ don't forget the secret of the wall titans
  12. Another chapter up on a couple sites, but the translation still seems really awful.
  13. Sounds like she may either not know or not realize she knows herself. I wonder if it's a situation similar to Erin's - she has something that will let her access what she wants to know, but doesn't actually know it yet. It did sound like someone said she already knew though, if I remember right...
  14. Yeah, exactly. We all could've guessed she had a rough childhood. But we didn't get any useful information from that story. Not any concrete info that could help us figure out why she's that important at least. Obviously this is a tool to stretch out the story a bit. It's just that this chapter felt so short because of it. I was kinda annoyed. Felt like I was reading a One Piece chapter or something. 40 pages of people talking which you should've been able to cover in under 20 pages.

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