1. Seriously out of the blue just like that. Such a big reveal and the fact they're just kids is really surprising as well.
  2. It did seem pretty abrupt how it was handled, which I've only really seen on series that are winding up fast (which this one may be, but no reason to do so), but on the other hand as they were from the same village as Annie and we see now how this other village just got turned into Titans, it's not really totally unexpected. Also, they probably knew that once they were found out (which they were) that they'd be turned into suspects. I'm just surprised they lived in human form through Mikasa's attacks.
  3. FInding out that they're titans isn't the surprising part. Finding out that Ryner is the big Titan is though. He's the one that started everything.
  4. It was actually Bertholdt who was the colossal/big titan and Ryner was the armored one...

    well, i gotta agree, this was a pretty big reveal but not as dramatic as what happened with Annie's or even Ymir though. Maybe if this was a weekly manga, it will have a different feeling.
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  7. damn this is getting tense! damn it! have to wait a month again :(
  8. Who the hell are they working for. That ape-like Titan. Fuck, I want more. These monthly chapters are killing me!!
  9. its not hard to think that there might be humans living outside of the walls, and we still dont know the origins of the titans. they might have been humans that lived more than 100 years ago. :mad: god i need answers
  10. Shit got really intense these past few chapters. I'm love the tension. Are they gonna get them back? Are they gonna get away? I wanna know who they're working for and what the fuck is going on but man looks like it's gonna take Bernholt to transform into the Colossal Titan for them to get away. Mikasa is a animal and I don't blame her. I'd kill those bastards too.
  11. Just caught up and... HOLY CRAP!!!
  12. Yep, so I got tired of waiting to see who the female titan was in the anime and read all the chapters from today's episode til the current manga chap...


    As you guys said above, WTF was the author thinking with that HUGE reveal--Ryner and Bertholdt being Titans--just out of the blue like that? It came completely out of nowhere. I mean there were literally other people talking on that same freaking panel, and off to the side Ryner is like "oh yeah btw we're the big bad titans that fucked shit up 5 years ago lol what's up"

    So strange I can't get my head around it, and I wasn't all that impressed. But besides that, everything else has been very enjoyable. But I have to say that the manga's art and timing (one chapter a month) makes me wish I had just stayed patient with the anime, which by the way I know will do a much better job with that big reveal.
  13. I really like this manga but this dude's art isn't even good enough for him to take a month to push these chapters out. That being said I loved this chapter. The tension and intensity was amazing. Irvin is a fucking badass. Lost an arm and still cut titans and Bernholt down like a boss. Now that the titan that killed Eren's mom is here I think it's safe to say Eren is gonna transform to fight it if Mikasa can't fight. Time for some revenge. Hopefully next chapter isn't a slow bullshit chapter. I'm tired of waiting monthly for this.
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  14. oh shit! of all the titans that has to appear! is this mere coincidence???

    and Irvin's such a badass!
  15. i believe that right now there is only one person who can succeed Irvin in his position and thats Armin. He has managed to keep his cool during this and even mess with Bertholdt to let Eren escape
  16. Armin with the major mind fuck for bertholdt followed by the most badass character in Irvin who, with a missing fucking arm that just got bit off, slices bertholdt in the chest to free eren.

    I agree with marlie that the art has been slipping quite a bit, but there are some badass characters here
  17. Armin is getting really dark

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