1. I'm completely lost. Last time we saw Eren he was in jail or something, revealing to the others what happened in the past -- we got the flashbacks, and then we suddenly did a timeskip and now we're here. Somehow Eren got off the island and got all the way to Reiner. Whuuuuut?
  2. @Thunder: Yes, there was a timeskip of 4 years.Eren was in prison to protect him and Armin from the military chain of command because again they want to dissect him. In prison Eren remembered everything about his father and Marley.

    In that time Eren and Armin had been blocking Marley to reach the island. Zeke, Reiner returned home and fought in Marleys wars. Ymir was eaten by Porco. Because the Zeke, Reiner and Pieck (the Cart Titan who saved them both in the last fight between Eren, Survey Corp and the Titans) a new generation of kids is in the process of getting chosen.

    The first chapter after the time skip shows a big battle between Marley and an Middle Eastern Alliance.In the later chapters it shows
    Hope that you are "up to date"
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  3. Thanks buddy.
  4. One things wrong about that, Eren and Mikasa were in jail for disobeying Levi, and using the serum on Armin.
  5. New chapter is out!

    Jump aboard the speculation train before it leaves the station.
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  6. Seems like everyone's about to get jacked to me.

    I can only guess Taybar is in on it. He got the important people all together... to tell them a story? That could be why he was so sweaty and nervous too.
  7. Fuck the world. Let it burn for all i care. The Taybar guy did well to tell the story. He told something close to the truth. You can't just go about enslaving and killing a people just because allegedly their King decided that is what they deserve. At the end of the day what matters is that Eldians are still human. And they are treated like garbage. Eren is just a byproduct of the hundred years of abuse from the Marleyans. So don't go trying to take the high road on this one.
    I wonder who that was that guided the other two titan shifters into the trap.
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  8. I loved that ending, and everything to do with Eren and Reiner. I'm not sure, but I think in the side notes it said were getting two chapters next month. That would be great.
  9. So do you think the series will be ending soon? Eren doesn't have a lot of time left, and if they overthrow the Marleyans... what comes next? Defending against the other countries and their new weaponry? Eren somehow lives longer?
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  10. It is without a doubt the final arc. Authors words not mine. Apparently he wants a really dark ending, something akin to The Mist, with just everyone dying. He couldn't decide on that or a lighter ending at the time of that interview. He's made up his mind though, the ending is all set, just gotta enjoy the ride.
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  11. Author ran out of ideas to stretch the series more. It was fun while it lasted.
  12. What do you mean? I feel like we are reaching to the logical conclusion of the story. I don't think he ever wanted to stretch the story whatsoever.
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  13. I read a long time ago the author is indeed not a fan of happy endings and never planned on this series to continue for an exaggerated amount of time.

    Excited to see what's going to happen.
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  14. He may not like happy endings but his editor may have a different opinion.
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  15. Fuck yeah. Burn the whole world down.
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  16. Just like that, huh.
  17. Awesome. I guess that guys the war hammer Titan and hell survive.
  18. Oh, boy. Shit is on. I like that Eren came to understand that Reiner was simply brainwashed like everyone else. This mirrored the reveal from Reiner years ago.

    I know he shook Reiner's hand in order to stop him from transforming but dude is definitely alive.
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  19. He also needed to get cut right? When did he cut himself?

    So basically, the whole world, including the people who actually have titans as weapons of mass destruction, declared war on an island kingdom that has ten times the amount of weapons of mass destruction and at least 10 times as strong...



    Sounds familiar, anyone?

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