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Discussion in 'Manga' started by Raoul, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I'm completely lost. Last time we saw Eren he was in jail or something, revealing to the others what happened in the past -- we got the flashbacks, and then we suddenly did a timeskip and now we're here. Somehow Eren got off the island and got all the way to Reiner. Whuuuuut?
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    @Thunder: Yes, there was a timeskip of 4 years.Eren was in prison to protect him and Armin from the military chain of command because again they want to dissect him. In prison Eren remembered everything about his father and Marley.

    In that time Eren and Armin had been blocking Marley to reach the island. Zeke, Reiner returned home and fought in Marleys wars. Ymir was eaten by Porco. Because the Zeke, Reiner and Pieck (the Cart Titan who saved them both in the last fight between Eren, Survey Corp and the Titans) a new generation of kids is in the process of getting chosen.

    The first chapter after the time skip shows a big battle between Marley and an Middle Eastern Alliance.In the later chapters it shows
    Hope that you are "up to date"
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