1. Went from Ymir to Porco Galliard this guy here
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  2. It was an interesting chapter, but I want to see the Shinganshina trio Armin, Eren and Mikasa.

    In completion to zack's post: Marcel (the one from the flashback) had the Jaw Titan power, but he gets eaten by Ymir while he and Reiner, Berthold and Annie are on the island. Ymir becomes human. It is not yet shown how she get in the trainee program together with Reiner and the rest. Ymir surrenders to Reiner and Berthold to protect Historia and Eren. She is taken by Reiner, Zeke and Pieck back to Marley. She is eaten by Galiard (the guy in zack' s picture) at the request of the Marleyans. They didn't trust Ymir, since she was propped up by a grifter to be the reincarnation of the Original Titan.

    Hopefully, by the next chapters we will see either
    a) in place os discussions about the invasion of Paradise Island with all the Titans of Marley plus flashbacks, the actual invasion.
    b) betrayal by Reiner or his successor before they reach the Paradise Island.
    c) a couple of discussion and then the invasion with a fight against the main heroes.
    d) what many hope Armin, Eren, Mikasa and others are in Marley preparing to strike at the heart of Marley.

    I want to see (d) so much. Remember Marley could not reach the island because Eren is guarding it, but it also means that others from the island can now leave it.
    I will like to be revealed that Hange is working with the opponents of Marley on developing anti-Titans weapons.
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  3. Damn he's keeping the last titan a secret still. I really wanna know what it looks like, and if it's better than the beast titan. Can't wait to see what eren and the rest are up to.
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  4. The war hammer titan? Sounds fucking awesome.
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  5. God the treatment of children in this series is so fucked.
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  6. Did they explain a reason why children are being sent on these important missions? Apart from Zeke do they not have any other capable adult from Eldia?
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  7. Only teenagers can pilot Eva units, everyone knows that. Beast titan is different, they have to hit puberty first to get that hairy.

    I'd guess it has to do with age and military service more than anything. To filter into Erin's group, they'd have to use kids at the age when they get conscripted. It sounds like for the others they wait until the owner dies / time expires.
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  8. So whom did Marcel's titan powers go to? I'm still not sure what happened to Annie? She must be still alive because after her confrontation with Eren and their battle, she turned herself into crystal or something, right?
  9. Marcel was eaten by Ymir.
    And then this^
    As for Annie it is likely that the gang on Paradis managed to get her out and eat her. If they didn't then when the 13 years is up the female titan power will be born in one of the eldian citizens.
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  11. Yeah I'm pretty sure that was Eren. I wonder what he's up to if it's him, it seems like things are about to pick up.
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  12. Damn. If that's Eren then he's been hiding in Marley. Also interestingly he is using the name of the previous attack titan holder, Kruger, after whom he was originally named.
    And wth, this Traybar family is one of the original 9 families. And apparently are secretly controlling the Marleyans?
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  13. Many people think it is Eren. He even says to Falco the same phrase that Reiner told Eren in the past.
    If he is him how did Eren stopped his regeneration is the question?

    Interesting that Marley is controlled by Taybur (or Tybur) and the Island Elydians were controlled by the "Reiss" family.
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  14. There is precedant for stopping regeneration. Remember when Reiner was faking an arm injury before he revealed everything to Eren? At that time he willed himself to heal and his arm fixed itself. It seems like they can halt the regeneration process.
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  15. You are right.. Forgot about this.
    Hopefully Armin, Mikasa and Levy are also in or near the Elydian Ghetto.

    They - the Island Elydians must have some new weapons or allies if they decided to take on Marley. They had the electrical spears, the repeating pistols and a shotgun in the previous arc. Hange and Armin are quite smart, they could come up with ideas. Plus contact with the other nations might give them more knowledge. The islanders could be behind the improved tactics against Titans that
    Marley is suffering from.
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  16. This fan is about to be hit with some serious diarrhea
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    Btw, so looks like other races still do exist.
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  18. Confirmed the theory about the wounded soldier.
    Now what?!
    It seems that Marley might be aware of infiltration.
    Where are Armin, Mikasa, Levi. Hange?
    Really all the other nations will go along with the plan of Marley thus allowing it to take the greatest power on the planet?

    Who else wants more Eren vs Zeke (The Gorilla Titan)?
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