1. Who was that Ymir girl again? It's been so long and I feel the art keeps changing, some characters become unrecognisable at times.

    So have we seen Erin and the others after the time-skip? I wonder who's inherited the collosal and femal titan powers.
  2. Ymirs the chick who was always with Christa, and the 3rd person to be revealed as a titan shifter. She was sent to paradis island as a mindless titan, ate Reiner and bertholdts friend, and became a shifter.

    Armin is the colossal titan, he ate bertholdt during the fight to reclaim wall maria i think it is.
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  3. I don't even remember Armin became the colossal titan...
  4. Yeah eren and mikasa fought levi cause he wanted to give it to erwin the commander but he chose armin in the end
  5. They would have a new female Titan if they managed to get to Annie. Otherwise she will die and the power will be reborn in the mainland.
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  6. Annie is still locked up in that crystal thing right?
  7. Based off that chapter im guessing no, I think they probly got her to join there side. Im pretty sure they dont know how to turn people into titans, so if she defected thats a pretty good explanation for how they got the female titan. Based off what zeke said they have 3 titans, tho i guess in 4 years who knows what they could have discovered, maybe someone else got some of erens spinal fluid, became a titan, and ate annie. They certainly could've taken a hostage from 1 of the ships they destroyed who knows
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  8. It is not confirmed about Annie joining Eren and Armin, or that she is dead. They are making suppositions.
    Anyway, I hope Eren and the rest of the The Survey Corps kills Zeke, Reiner and the rest of the newly introduced characters. To me, Marleyan collaraborators are collaborators. They know what is happening to the Eldyans and pretend that bring salvation to some of them.
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  9. Of course they'll all have to die. None of what has been revealed about Marley and Eldia has made me any compassionate about what these guys have done. They claim they did it for peace or whatever when in reality all they have done is invade a non aggressive island in search of weapons of mass destruction to use said weapons of mass destruction to subdue the entire world. Hopefully this time around Eren and the others will be able to completely wipe out the Marleyans off the world.
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  10. The author was trying so hard to getting us, the readers, to sympathize w/ these kids. That's the main reason for these recent chapters, to show that the enemy (Reiner and kids), are as much as victims as Eren and people of Paradis Island.

    Sadly, its not working :fresh

    We want blood for all Marleyans and its collaborators :deadpool:
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  11. I definitely disagree with you guys. This is one complicated world, the eldians in the mainland live like slaves, either you show complete loyalty and renounce all that you are, or get you and your entire family turmed to mindless titans. The eldians on paradis obviously have every right to kill them, but, im sure well see one or two especially that falco guy betray marley.
  12. He hasn't shifted since he first transformed so he hasn't show the ability yet.

    I agree. It's a complicated world, honestly I feel like in the end both sides are gonna end up wrong in some way. This world just sucks.
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  13. The first chapter is titled to you in 2000 years. I wonder if that has anythjng to do with memories seemingly, transcending time between the inheritors of the titan powers. It seems like that owl guy was experiencing some of erens memories, maybe the original ymir left some kind of hidden message for futhre eldians.
    My bad if you thought there was a new chapter
  14. Mangaka, I don't care about the land Elydians. Stop trying to make us feel bad for them. Plus, I have not liked Reiner since the start. The rest of the guilt tripped Elydians make me hate them.
    Do you also think that the PTSD Elydians are some of the main characters?
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  15. Damn son, that's fucking tough.

    I actually felt a little for the person Reiner has become now. Other than that, no mercy.

    It took me a while to understand everything, but I think I get everything now. Shit's fucked up though, they're basically forcing Jews to push other Jews in the gas-chambers.
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  16. I understand the Eldians are being manipulated into believing everything about the "demons" living on paradis island. And yet I do not feel bad at all. You are being given one of the most powerful powers in the world and you are using it at the behest of your captors in order to kill your own kin.
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  17. I mean, most of the eldians have been brainwashed and manipulated into believing the paradis islanders are demons; but im sure there's a couple of like-minded people who, like falco, want a rebellion. Im sure we'll see quite a few rise up at some point. As for me i feel for the eldians in the mainland. If you have no military value, you're considered less than nothing, completely disposable, man woman or child. If you do have military value,you're used, and without showing complete loyalty both inward and outward, you and your entire family have no choice but to become minless titans. On top of the this fear that both the elders and youth of the eldians experience, there's also the fact that all the elderly hold deep resentment for the ancestors that left and gave up on the fight. That's just more sauce to the poison pot brewing in the mind's of the eldian youth. They've got a fucked up life, just as or maybe even worse than the islanders.
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  19. They always emphasized Ymir's mouth/teeth, and if I recall correctly (not likely) she knew about the other titans, but it doesn't look anything like the jaw titan in this chapter.
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