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    I just started reading this. Scanlations started not too long ago.
    Art isn't that great yet, but the concept and story are interesting, so I think it's worth checking out. I can see this becoming huge in the future.
  2. >in the future
    >implying you didn't start this thread after posting that it's the #4 best selling manga in Japan

    It is a very good series. I'm really loving it.
  3. Lol MD. Its position is actually what made me aware of its existence and give it a try. But by that I meant in terms of internationnal popularity, buzz and discussion, on the internet for example.

    But yeah, it's good shit. The story could lead to great things later in the manga, and the fights and equipement they use etc are cool. The two main male leads (Eren and Armin) are slightly too angsty for my taste, but I really like Mikasa.

    Only 3 volumes are scanlated so far, so it's not a huge time investement to see if one likes it or not.
  4. I don't want to catch up to it completely because then I'll have nothing left to read. Gonna wait maybe a year until there's more scans.
  5. I told you this was good MD. I've been reading this since day one. They post raws at raw-bunko as well.
  6. ...??
  7. On msn when I told you I was reading a new Shounen. That got awards etc and that WSJ didn't want the guy cause his stuff was too dark. Not ringing a bell?
  8. There's a shitload of new chapters out! You can read them all on mangareader (I downloaded them myself, 'cause this manga is totally a keeper, until I can buy the translated volumes).

    Great shit. Check it out people.
  9. I'm waiting till there's more to read. Cause once I start reading this I can't stop. I'm letting them pile up so that I can take my sweet time reading multiple volumes.
  10. Well, it's over 2 volumes worth of chapters that are out...that's kinda a lot XD.
    Also, I think they caught up to current RAWs now too, and since this is monthly...

    ARGH! You're right, I should've waited a bit more too...XP.
  11. Well that's the thing. RAWs are up to 24, and scans too are up to 24 now...that's 2 chapters into volume 6! You can find them here:


    If you're up to volume 3 like I was, that's over 2 new volumes out...

    ...step into my web! XP
  12. I started reading this a while ago and got all the way caught up so I got pissed and quit reading it and then I couldn't remember the name, lol. Looks like some new chapters are out though, sweet. Thanks for the link/info. :D
  13. @Raoul, yeah, but the thing is. I read 2 volumes in like 40 minutes and that's when I'm reading slow and enjoying the art.
  14. yeah the chapters are huge and there is a lot of text and details to take in. I really like this manga so far and the backstory stuff has been pretty cool. (I think 10 was the furthest chapter out when I read it before.)
  15. Picked this up as well. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised to find this since I've been looking for anything to feed my manga fix. First impression is well, hard to say since I got up to date in one sitting so I'll have to reread it for a better evaluation of this manga.

    edit: had some free time and gave it a better examination
    The biggest attraction I have to the post apocalyptic genre is the limitation of natural resources. While this is not a big theme, I do appreciate when population control is mentioned. Now that I've mentioned my little piece, I think everything is there for this manga. Plot, action, characters, mystery, it's all there.
    The other monthly manga I read off the top of my head are Berserk, Claymore, and Vinland Saga. Berserk gets a pass since it's epic although imo it's been on a slump lately (lately meaning a year or two considering it's been going on for i think over a decade). Claymore is spiraling downwards with hardly any development and like 12 pages a month. If Berserk is neutral and Claymore is down, then Vinland Saga and this manga are up.
  16. I thought this might interesting for people that follow the manga.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    Director: Tetsuro Araki (Guilty Crown, Death Note)
    Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi (Casshern Sins, Blassreiter, Claymore)
    Character Design: Kyouji Asano (Psycho-Pass)

    Could be good. This just shows how popular this is in Japan. A live action movie is also coming out next year.
  17. Trailer
  18. Ahhh damn the writer!! I stayed up all night reading up to chapter 32 because I couldn't stop without finding out who the traitor is that turns into the female giant. And when Rivaille finally manages to chop her face open he decides to witdraw with Eren without even checken out who's inside!! which was actually there priority in the first place!!!! So fucking annoyed right now.


    Hiroki Endo from Eden it's an endless world and All Rounder Meguru fame contribution. Gotta love Endo.

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