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    Especially that Mangastream translation...
  2. I just see a bunch of Japanese playing competitive golf shonen style.
  3. They're really making them appear like some kind of super heroes. Why does it bother me this much with this manga when it's completely normal for each shounen sports manga?
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  4. cause it's golf, something about golf annoys you.
  5. I'm... Getting into it.
    No frigging idea why but I'm enjoying it so far.
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  6. I think the author is going to be tripped up later. These high schoolers are way too good. Their scores already seem really low, I can only imagine how it's going to escalate. Reminds me of Kuroko where you suddenly have a guy who can hit 3's from anywhere on the court...
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  7. Then we will go to super sayians golf
  8. We are currently at the sayian arc of golf in RobotXLaserbeam
  9. I keep forgetting that the artists draw their character to look older. As soon as it said he was 15 I pretty much went "wtf" in my head.

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