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  2. I closed after I saw the cover. I hate golf.
  3. what? Golf is awesome! It grew on me more and more over the years. I got to see Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Jorden Speith and Vejay Singh play last summer. I used to hate it as a kid (early years) cause it seemed too slow and it was all old guys. I played a couple games in univ and had a blast playing.

    Give it a chance Haoh!
  4. ...
    I don't understand the premise. the guy is incredible golfer so where is the conflict?

    Unless he is not the main guy
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  5. I'm a sucker for genius + weird mc's. But golf is not a physical sport, so like dreed said, what's the conflict?

    The only thing I see here that can hinder Robo is nature/environment. Maybe psyche him up, but not physically interfere w/ him hitting the ball, that would be against the rules of golf. I just don't see this getting that far.
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  6. The conflict is that he has one skill, which isn't enough to win. You could also argue that there's a conflict with his character, and how he needs to develop it. Manga isn't really to my tastes, and if the author follows in the same footsteps of KnB it's going to go completely off the rails when sharingan users start showing up. I wouldn't call it bad though, I'm still reading it.
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  7. I read the first chapters, it's pretty dull yeah, but I have a weak spot for sports mangas with people hitting the ceiling of their skills and abilities, being outclassed by superior players and realising they'll never be able to achieve that kind of level.

    edit: i read up until the most recent chapter, it's pretty cliché... I'll continue reading because I like the art, and I don't mind adding an extra manga to read.
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  8. Lol man oh god... I forgot mangas tend to give techniques weird epic names like it's some superhuman thing.
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  9. It's pretty interesting, rather than being an amazing golfer or whatever, he's just got an amazing ability to learn. Pretty damn cool.

    Who's spot do you guys think Robo will take? From what I've seen so far, he'd take the spot from the guy who's his partner in the current game, because he's the least mature. However -- the thing is -- their characters have a good chemistry, so I feel he's going to remain an important character to the story.
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  10. Run really hard until you pass out for a week and you can win races kids!
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  11. Fucking ridiculous lol
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  12. @San the training camp is a month away as of chapter 8. The game with the rival school is set before the training camp. There's still the potential of having to win members over with the arm workouts and even potentially at the range, so... it couldn't have been more than 2-3 weeks.
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  13. Didn't expect so much yaoi in this shonen. Not sure whether I'm comfortable with all those balls touching and guys getting excited and shaky
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