1. Genos... won? Is this April Fools? No? Yay!

    I think we're actually getting back on track with the original manga at this point, if I'm remembering correctly.
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  3. Right?
    I was just like ..there we go..he lost his arm and then BAM...full on rocket punch
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  5. Sorry about the link. I didn't check after posting it. I was in a hurry about to start talking over the chapter.
    This chapter is the best of the "filler" arcs.

    I had liked how the authors have shown many of the major suppositions of the fans before the chapter:
    1) Garou will get rescued by the monsters. They have tried but no sell ;
    2) Garou vs Genos will be good, an evenly matched one. It was not ,Genos was careful during the fight, he hold back quite a bit. He is showing a lot of growth.
    3) Genos will again be destroyed. Yes, in Saitama's mind :)
    4) Bang and his brother will intervene. It has happened!!!

    So now, will the monster send even more powerful adversaries to save Garou? Or Bang will leave Garou to die of his wounds a la Obi Wan?
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  6. I just hope Genos stops getting destroyed all the time. This fight was hopeful.
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  7. That fucking centipede is big enough that to show its death he needed like 5 pages.

    Great fucking chapter
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  8. Holy fuck, there are some severe connection issues with Mangastream and it took me a fucking hour to get through this chapter.

    It was amazing. So fucking epic.
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  9. At was a long ass chapter
  10. That was one of the greatest chapters I read in my life. I seriously miss good chapters on Thursdays, its been so long!!!!
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  11. I had the same problem. It helps if jou click the page if its loading too long.
  12. Damn that was a long read. Wait so does this mean that Saitama is definitely stronger than Blast who wasn't able to kill Elder Centipede?
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  13. You doubt Saitama-sama? Heresy.
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  14. Not as much doubting. This is the first time any of the OPM media has given evidence that Saitama is better than Blast. At least I think so. In the One version they make some comparison between the two.
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  15. Apparently it took a fcking month to translate this chapter.

    And on the amount of pages, Murata said: "because why the fuck not?"

    Absolute legend.
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  16. You mean to draw the chapter from ones storyboard.
    Yeah, Murata is all kinds of awesome. One of the best mangaka’s out there at the moment if you ask me.
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  17. I fucking C A M E
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  18. With Gaoru's current development you guys think he can be like Saitama? Anyway, that one serious punch Saitama did was just EPIC! Did bang and Fang saw what Saitama did? Does that mean they can finally acknowledge his tremendous power?
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