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    This manga is pretty cool for a bunch of reasons:

    1. The art is by Yusuke Murata: one of the best artists currently in the industry. (And probably my personnal favourite after Takehiko Inoue)
    The best part is how his high level art sometimes clashes with the goofy looks of certain characters, and produces a rather fun combination.

    2. It's genuinely funny.

    3. Behind its façade, it's actually a rather intelligent deconstruction of several manga and comics genres and tropes.

    All in all, it's good times.
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  2. I've been reading this manga, I got hooked after 2 chapters.
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    I still haven't read it. Is this a weekly manga?

    I wonder what happened to the other manga Murata was working on. He released preview pics for it a while ago.
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  4. Sounds interesting
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  6. Watch out big three.

  7. This manga is so freaking funny, Saitama is hilarious! As if he's actually a C rank super hero. The fact that he only did conventional training to obtain God like power had me laughing until I chocked. Obviously it has to be him unlocking certain ki/chi power but still the explanation is funny. So much funny parts in this manga and characters. Hammer head villain and that bicycle hero made me laugh.
  8. By Silverblade from AP:


    Words cannot express how much I love Murata!
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  9. There drawing is well done, that meteor panel and pages looked nice too.
  10. This manga is great, yet irritating at the same time. It combines all manga clichés in one story and that makes it so funny, but also very predictably. Not that I really mind... The drawing is good, especially those continuous spreads are fucking epic.

    LOL, just checked on wikipedia, he's the artist from Eyeshield 21. I'm so baaad with names, lol.
  11. It seems to more poke at the typical super hero cliches that you would encounter in comics.
  12. awesome manga, thanks for making me aware of it!
    read through the chapters that are out so damn fast, love the mix of comedy and action (still gory enough) and having a main character that overpowered. gonna be interesting when he meets someone that actually doesn't get done in by 1 hit.
  13. Read all 23 chapters. Love the art and chara design. More entertaining than really funny, but I've enjoyed the story so far.

    I just hope there will be more challenging foes in the future. The most interesting parts were the fights involving Genos, Sonic or the other heroes. But once Saitama shows up, his out-of-nowhere OP-ness kinda spoils the fun.

    This has potential. Let's see if we get a major plotline coming soon.
  14. Does anyone know the timeline of the release, is this weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?
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  16. He's really going all out, drawing so much spreads in each chapter. Chapter wasn't really interested, but maaaaan, look at those arms!
  17. Wow. Really freakin like this man. Thank you very much.
  18. It'd probably be a lot better to you if you had a book that you could flip the pages. Once someone makes a gif of it, it'll be pretty sweet. But yeah, if you were expecting something to happen or some exposition... can't help ya there.
  19. Once again, Murata art is the best art:


    And oh the irony of Saitama reading hunter x hunter.

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