1. Epic epic epiccccccc
  2. This guys been on a roll
  3. It makes sense, the only one capable of stopping any of the other seve deadly sins from going on a frenzied rampage is fucking Sin of Pride.

    Really good chapter. I'm just wondering... How old are they all? Almost everyone except for Merlin and Escanor are immortal or have incredibly long lifespans, right?
  4. I doubt Merlin is young either if goddess elizabeth recognizes her. The greatest human vs the greatest demon. And whoever said that Ban needs a powerup is right. Sure at his fastest he can't be caught but he needs something more.
  5. Finally. I was starting to wonder what had happened. Haven't read a chapter in weeks, I was growing restless.
  6. Damn I wanna see them duke it out. Meliodas looked sick.
  7. Goddamn.. Praise the Sun guys. Praise The One.

    This manga is way too epic.
  8. Fuck this shit. If Escanor had existed 3000 years ago the demon king and the supreme deity would have been his bitches. His power levels are almost double that of the highest we had seen so far. And that was before peak.
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  9. How the hell did Fraudrin die?

    Pretty nice to see a round-up of what happened to all the ten commandments after the different battles against the 7 sins. Surprised to see those two other demons, made me realise there's more high-level demons besides the 10 commandments. Eager to see where this goes.
  10. Chapter 194 & 195
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  11. Galan defeated by Escanor
    Melascula: First heart by Escanor. The next 5 hearts by Ban. Finally defeated by 7 deadly sins.
    Dolore & Gloxinia stopped fighting.
    Monspeet and Derieri defeated by Meliodas
    Grayroad defeated by Merlin
    Fraudrin defeated by Meliodas
    Estarossa defeated by Escanor.

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