1. Maybe with his sword or some kind of magic-infused regalia, not the pure physical raw power of the sun that Escanor embodies.

    Sin of pride bitches.
  2. Im sure no one's surprised by that reveal, it'll be nice to have confirmation on exactly what her deal is.
  3. Fucking dayum, a cursed goddess.
  4. This manga man... always something new around every corner.
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  5. I know TAL isn't an authoritative source, but can we say this manga has filled the void of Bleach or Naruto? What are the ratings of this manga?
  6. IMO it's a worthy successor, I don't know about ratings though. I look forward to these chapters, more than i did Naruto at the end. Though, at this point in the series, I must say Naruto was my favorite, and more exciting than Sins.
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  7. Yeah, I can't recall how she survived. I do remember her resurrecting Elaine. I'm a bit bothered she's still around. The dead should stay dead here, that's what makes the manga so good. I hope she disappears after they defeat that 10 comm.
  8. The first time around she burned up because she tried to eat escanor's soul. Second time around Ban ripped out 5 of her hearts and snapped her neck. As a demon she has 7 hearts. Elaine is still around because the demon is still alive.
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  9. Fuck yeah, finally the story of sin of wrath is revealed!!
  10. Damn what a good chapter
  11. Poor Mel :(
  12. Shit that was such a great chapter. This guys been consistent throughout this whole series. Feels like the quality has never changed, been a great mysterious train ride. I look forward to what's to come.
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  13. Exactly so. It's amazing how well the story and universe is put together.
  14. I want Ban to get a power up. King and Diane just got pushed up a few notches, why not Ban next. He's definitely the weakest of the bunch.

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