1. Damn. That was a good chapter. Maybe the King has been keeping the heart safe all this time. Gowther could use some emotion in his life.
  2. That's some great story-telling. These side stories of the 7 sins are really hitting the right spots ;_;

    Now, I'm wondering how Merlin's story will go.
  3. Have we learned of everyone's Sin by now?

    So the real Gowther has the commandment of "selflessness" and the puppet Gowther has the Sin of "Lust". But in the side story the real Gowther is dead. Damn, this is a bit confusing.
  4. They shouldn't have released the side story before the main. So in the flashbacks we are seeing right now in the main story Gowther(demon) is going to die. But before he does he is going to bestow a heart to Gowther(doll).
    Also we still don't know much about Escanor and what makes him the strongest motherfucker of them all.
  5. So far, here is how it goes based on their individual side-stories, not including Gowther's...

    Ban - Accused of stealing the fountain of youth, he was marked as greedy
    Meliodas - Accused of destroying the kingdom of Danafor, he was marked as destructive/wrathful
    Diane - Accused of killing Matrona, she was marked as envious of her
    King - Killing humans (because of revenge), he was marked as a sloth, for not caring about the human & fairy relationship

    Now, I've read Escanor's back-story but it was not told in a "side-story" chapter from what a I remember... So, I dunno if we're going to get one.
  6. When you put it like that I don't think Escanor was marked for any crime, but more for his power and how it changes him. Because from all 7 Sins he alone was a Knight of Liones when he became a SIn.
  7. yeah, the timelines are a bit messed up with this sidestory. Gowther getting his sin was also before Meliodas, since the kingdom of Danafor still exists at the time of the doll being discovered, but the real Gowther already being dead.

    I guess we need more explanation to see how it all plays out.
  8. Actually, the timelines are just right. It's when the side-stories are being released that might be causing the confusion. Remember that the current story arc began when Diane and King was put on a dream-like state so that they can see Gloxinia and Balor's past, which is 3000 years before Liones was established, during the Demon vs All-other races war.

    The side-story chapter now just shows the past of Gowther, "the Doll", 3000 years later, before he met any of the Seven Deadly sins. You could see Bartra, the current king of Liones, the one of who established the 7 Deadly Sins group, still on his teens/twenties. So, this is not that far off.

    This chapter just spoils you the knowledge that Gowther, the Demon, died during the war. Now, if you ask me why his body is shown, barely rotting, after 3000 years, I'm sorry to say, but I'm not knowledgeable about Demon physiology to know the answer that. :p
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  9. Ow! I didn't recognise King Barta!

    Thanks for the explanation, I completely forgot the current arc takes place 3k years ago.
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  11. Together at last
  12. I feel we're in for a wild wild ride now that they're finally together.
  13. http://readms.net/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/219/4300/1
    I was wondering why they were all being happy go lucky when the demon crisis hasn't been fully resolved. If Zeldris survived then surely Estarossa must have survived as well. And the two of them are strong enough to give the seven a challenge.
  14. That little commandment is the strongest one im assuming? I wanna see an Escanor Estarossa rematch.
  15. Yeah. Zeldris is the strongest character so far in terms of power levels shown. Well Escanor may have had a stronger power level since he was able to beat both brothers.
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  16. Seeing Escanor go mental over that little.. imagine what kind of raining fiery sun justice of doom he's gonna force onto Zeldris' ass.
  17. The glasses made me realise... it's high noon and Escanor isn't going apeshit.... Good thing those glasses are there lol. We still need his backstory though, right? I'd love to see it.
  18. As the future of the humans Arthur will be the one to surpass Escanor as the strongest human. At least i think so.

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