1. Yeah, pretty much all races had their assholes. I appreciate how they don't depict is a whole "good vs evil" thing which the names of angels (god clan) and demons (demon clan), rather it was just a power struggle over the rule of Britannia,with the God and Demon clans as the big powerhouses, with Fairies and Giants as the Godesses clan's allies. Wonder who the Demon clan had for allies.

    Then the God clan massively fucked everyone over, destroying themselves as well, I guess.
  2. Im guessing before the angels could wipe out the demons meliodas stopped them they were too weak and were sealed away then he also sealed the demons clan to spare his demon brothers.
    Remember when ban was offered a wish by the goddesses and the condition was kill meliodas
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  3. Meliodas must have pissed everyone off.
  4. Man, those archangels are pretty disgusting. Typical holy war talk...
  5. I wonder what role meliodas is gonna play in pissing off the goddesses here so that theyd want him dead thousands of years later im really enjoying this arc i dont usually like flashbacks either
  6. He is probably the reason why the goddess clan lost their strength and physical form.
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  7. And for the fucking better. mass genocide -committing mother fuckers.

    It's interesting though, I didn't know the Demon clan had civilians as well. From the beginning onward, I thought it was a sort of black and white good vs evil story. This is way more interesting. However, the quality of the drawings seems to have gone down a little.
  8. But how did they survive that shit and return to their normal form? Furthermore, if the ten commandments / demon clan was sealed away, then was the Goddess clan also sealed away or annihilated?

    I have to go back to the chapter they revived the demon clan. And holy shit, that dude with his axe could withstand attacks from insane Angels, but wanted to run away from the Sin of Pride, consequently dying.
  9. We didnt get much of an explanation about the Goddess clan just that they used up too much power and cant mantain a physical form anymore
    And the sin of pride is a beast he hasnt even gone all out yet
  10. Damn Elizabeth is a beast.
  11. http://mangastream.com/r/sdssd/02/4065/1

    This is a sidestory of how Ban and Elaine met, but weren't we told already in flashbacks how everything went down there? Pretty weird to do such a low effort side story.

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