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    Author: Nakaba Suzuki

    Online http://www.mangahere.com/manga/nanatsu_no_taizai/
  2. It's sad that this manga doesn't get the attention it deserves on this site :(

    I seriously think that this series is the best of all the Shounen that's ongoing right now. Even better than my all time favorite, One Piece.
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  3. I read the first chapter and I don't really like the drawing style, but I'll give it a try. It's been a long time since I read new manga.
  4. i just picked this up a week ago (because i stumbled on the anime this season) and already read all 100 chapters

    its not groundbreaking or anything...but its still a pretty fun read...i laughed out loud quite a few times
  5. yeah, i like this series. all of those guys are beasts.
  6. Power levels? RIP Nanatsu No Taizai :( Let the slippery slope begin.
  7. I agree. Bad decision there.
  8. merlin is apparently a beast. i wonder what the seven deadly sins will look like when they each get their weapons back.
  9. Just got caught up great chapter. I wonder if any of them know about Meliodas
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  11. Damn Meliodas with his sacred treasure is a fucking beast. Maaaaan this manga is fucking ridicilously good. Don't know why I haven't heard about it before. Just caught up with the chapters and I love where the plot is going.
  12. i've been wondering what was going on with his sacred treasure. i'm guessing those 5 stones let him divide into 5 parts at will.
  13. looks like these guys will have a much tougher time than meliodas had. king's had his sacred treasure the whole time, but i wonder what ban's sacred treasure is gonna be like.
  14. Daaaamn son... 26,000 powerlevel? And they're not even fully regained their magical powers? What the fuck man.
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  15. ^^ With all due respect. I want to bang your sig. V V V,,, gimme VVVVV.

    "I would like to .. PLOW YOU"

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