1. Three new chapters are out.

    Finally some chapters about Kyoukai... Can't wait for her to come back to the Hi Shin unit...
  2. Hopefully the next two chapters will give more details of that is really going on with the clan because the last page is confusing.
  3. New chapters are out!
  4. Ow yeah! What a fight...

    Too bad we didn't really get to see Kyoukai's opponent real skills. All we saw was some slashing and her being completely owned by Kyoukai's dance. I know she didn't needed the dance any more, but it'd been cool to see some epic techniques from her in stead of all the kicking..
  5. The new chapters are out.
    I feel that these chapters are very weak in comparison to the others.
  6. They're build up chapters, that's why.

    Likely Ryofu is going to have his hand in something happening to the village that Seikyou's wife is from. Probably killing his wife as well. This will cause Seikyou to lose all progress he's made towards becoming a better person and feel like it's Sei who betrayed him, rather than Ryofu. Probably due to the circumstances in which Ryofu will have the village attacked, or even just saying that if he wasn't helping Sei to begin with then nothing would have happened to his wife.
  7. The teams have been scanlating like crazy: the latest chapter is 379

    A big war has started with Wei and also Ou Hon vs Shin!
  8. Already at chapter 382.

    To have Tou retreat immediately... these guys should be at the same level as Renpa and Ouki... Some heads will roll...
  9. We already saw Duke Hyou take out Chouhoumei's, or whatever, father. That father was probably some where on the level of the other people we saw. Maybe a little bit weaker.

  10. Sosui is again down for the count.
    Ten is kidnapped again! I have wished that Shin or Kyoukai have taught her how to be at least decent fighter or put better guards around her.
    The mangaka should give more to Kyoukai to do that to shrug her shoulders every time something happens.

    I agree this guy is not as strong as he says but remember that he was 10+ years in a hole. Perhaps in his prime he would have been problematic for Renpa or OuKi.
    The next chapter will be interesting.
  11. It seems that I am the only one on this forum who reads Kingdom regularly. It is a shame because this manga is a good one. It has not have until now really weak arcs or even successive chapters.
    The newest chapter is out
  12. It's been pretty consistent, I must admit. I've been reading it since the beginning. It's just that there's not much to talk about, I feel. It's just all tactical warfare and sieging. There's been pretty epic moments, like the so called rebellion of the Qin Shi Huandgi's brother, his death and then the further rebellion of his mother. That was a pretty good arc, but I think the manga peaked during the Alliance vs Qin arc, where they had a full scale all out war. Since then, the battles haven't reached the same level. I also can't remember Shin's last epic 1v1 battle that is usually spread over multiple chapters.

    Lastly, the chapters aren't released in packs of 3 or 5 like they used to. So with one chapter now and then, there's not much to build the hype, which is a sad thing.
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  14. Chapter 452 is even better. There is a LQ version of it.

    I Kyokai is still alive!
    Man, these Zhao commaders are tough.
  15. So this thread has died down a bit, I guess it's because the forum is slowly phasing out.


    Chapter 470 is out and Shin has just become one of my greatest fictional heroes.
  16. This thread has been dormant for far too long. A reanimation is needed especially when one the most exciting arcs in the manga is now being published - Qin invasion of Zhao i.e. Ou Sen vs Riboku.
    Here is the latest chapter of the arc!
  17. Yeah, I'm reading it every time it comes out. I find it all so exciting.

    I got so teary eyed when the messenger said: "Stand and Fight!". Even if it's just manga, I can get really dragged into the battlefields, it's so amazing.
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