1. Kingdom

    I think some of you guys already know about this manga or have watched the anime (which is way ahead now with the second season). But I really felt like making a thread about this manga. The spreads are breathtaking in my opinion and the art gets better really quickly. The court plotting in the first volumes and the elaborate explanations of war tactics later on, create some kind of image of ancient China. Of course, it stays a manga, but for a sinologist it's just great. All the great war speeches and battles are just a huge plus for me..

    There's been plenty of times I've felt my heart racing when reading this manga and I'm always thrilled when there's a new release. It's been a long time since that happened, so here it is: Kingdom has its own discussion thread.

    New releases appear each 3-4 days, three chapters each. They're currently on volume 14 and there are currently about 38 volumes (And I spoiled myself a bit browsing for the volume covers...). So still a long way to go.


  2. Been looking for a seinen since all the ones I used to read either started sucking or ended. I really like this. Characters have dreams and it's enjoying to watch how they mature in order to achieve it.
  3. I have read until chapter 60 and it has been a good ride! I recommend it!
  4. The newest chapters are here. This is the page of scanlations team.
    The last chapters were great:

    Mou Ten is an worthy adversary for Shin, much better than Ou Hon.
    Ryo Fui doesn't know the most important rule:

  5. Up to 200 is out. Man, Shin is so fucking epic. He's like... Generals head? Lemme get that for ya, I'll be back in a sec. Love it.
  6. Just caught up 237 can't believe more people aren't reading this and I'm wondering whats next for Shin he just keeps surprising
  7. Finally somebody posted in here. I'm just loving this manga, all the philosophies behind their battles, the tactics, the plotting...
    It's the only manga that still excites me when I see new chapters released...
  8. It is a great manga: great characters both "good" and "bad", extremely charismatic characters, non stop action, the non action parts: palace intrigue, romance are good (specially the intrigue).
  9. Anybody caught up on the latest chapters?
  10. I did.
    It was a bit of a let down when Renpa just surrendered, but it was the only way they could've won. Renpa was invincible in my eyes.

    And lol at the Hi Shin unit just being being a bunch of retard-muscles without their Lieutenant. It doesn't make any sense though... I thought Shin learned some tactics skills when he was thrown in that hell hole by Ouki... Guess you can't apply basic stuff to a 1000-man unit. But hell, any reason is good to get Ten back in the story.
  11. I expected a little more from Renpa but the surrender seemed like a good way to wrap up that story. I'm excited to finally see the Hi Shin Unit wearing armor

    Glad to see Ten as well but I was pumped thinking about how beast their unit would be with Moutens brother as strategist. I love the way this manga does character progression and the way they use the art when I saw Shin on the back of the horse leading the charge I couldn't help but think how far he has come since the beginning of the story and how far he has to go to get close to Ou Ki level
  12. Up to 264 is out at the moment. I just wet my pants... This is beyond the meaning of "epic"...
  13. The last 2 chapters were great "story changing". Until now almost everything went the way of the protagonists (except one battle but most of them got out of it alive).
    I can' t wait for the next chapters.
  14. Sei stepped up huge glad to see Qin isn't just retreating and that Shin/Duke Hyou team up
  15. The mangaka doesn't say that Qin was the strongest state of the period: they used the concept of total war, best army in the period, best government of the period. Plus Zhao is a shadow of its former self after the disastrous defeat of Changping and the rest of the states were also week.
  16. The Duke seems to have fought against another instinct type general before so he knows what he is in for and I'm excited to see Kanki get into the mix he has always been one of my favorites.
  17. Did Shin just seriously pull a fucking Naruto's Jesus no Jutsu???!!!! Well, at least people die in this manga...
  18. No, Shin has said that Sei will end the war, atrocities by uniting China and ending the war. Plus, the Zhan general was already shaken:
    Shin overturn his plan and he did remember how he dug his brother and father.

    I have liked the new chapters: Karin trolling her supperior by explaining the plan and then putting her head on the sword and the conversation between Mouten and Ouhon was gold.
  19. No one's commented how Hyou ninja promoted shin to a 2000 man commander? At least temporarily.

    One thing I don't get is why Kan Ki is on the wall and Ou Sen is in the mountains. It seems with their styles of fighting it should be reversed. Ou Sen is already very familiar and capable of fighting sieges, whether it's his own built fortresses or not I would assume, whereas Kan Ki excels at gorilla warfare so restricting him to the wall seems like a massive waste of his potential.
  20. Yeah I kinda overlooked that the first time I read it, it should be interesting seeing new faces in the Hi Shin Unit and on Kan Ki being placed at the wall I think he is placed their because of his potential they know that the wall is a crucial position on the battlefield and he's their to make sure it doesn't fall.

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