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  2. A man who's thirsty for da pussy will do crazy things.
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  4. man Moroha-chan is a boss, she knows how to sell lol.

    Robo-chan found his next target it seems, he better be careful he doesn't get his dick chopped off.


    Just realized you said 10 chaps. I will continue reading.
  5. wow that was a great read of chapters. I'm glad I couldn't find a link and just read a bunch at once. I was not expecting all those deaths on Triple H, shocking!

    I wonder if Moroha's desire to hate her father for sexually abusing her can overcome Robo's power and if she's actually having sex of her own will?

    I can't believe they showed that flashback of the sexual abuse, that was all kinds of f'd up.
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  7. This chapter was sick and Robo-chan finally got what he deserves! I was right about the reason Moroha not being fully controlled. I like Jagasaki's plan. His arm and bullets will be fractured cell killing bullets. Brilliant!

    Can't Yuma technically cure Jagasaki completely then?
  8. Hmm idk that would probably put too much of a strain on her, shed most likely go full blown fractured human before he was fully cured.
  9. I have to catch up.
  10. Love how everybody is dying left and right. Epic shit.
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  12. Additional 51th chapter as well.

    Epic stuff.
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  13. Great finish and great ultimate new upgrade!
  14. I always love how the translations are done by people in college / university. Like - the only time people have time for dedicated stuff like this, is exactly in college.

    Great two chapters, looking forward to the next arc. Glad we got rid of all those annoying triple H people - surprised that Scissor girl is still alive. That Tree guy needs to go.
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  15. they went full tranny on me, not sure I'm going to like this lol

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