[Ongoing] Jagaaaaaan

Discussion in 'Manga' started by San Goku, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. San Goku Otaku

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    ^^Screw you, Robo chan is my hero now lol. That boy Robo is putting in work chapter 18 hahaha.

    Man that panel when Jagasaki saves his co-worker was sick. That tree guy showed up at the end, I kind of expected that him or someone stepping in. Actually I thought Chin Sensei would succumbed to his injuries before he got a chance to kill Jagasaki but this works too. The tree guy is a bit mysterious and seems to know a lot about the fractured warriors.
  2. Thunderbox Those sleepless nights

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    Shit's fucking epic. I'm loving this manga. Being fractured is only the beginning. It seems like that perv is just like the MC and the tree-dude, only he's not yet using it to kill other fractured humans.

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