1. ^^Screw you, Robo chan is my hero now lol. That boy Robo is putting in work chapter 18 hahaha.

    Man that panel when Jagasaki saves his co-worker was sick. That tree guy showed up at the end, I kind of expected that him or someone stepping in. Actually I thought Chin Sensei would succumbed to his injuries before he got a chance to kill Jagasaki but this works too. The tree guy is a bit mysterious and seems to know a lot about the fractured warriors.
  2. Shit's fucking epic. I'm loving this manga. Being fractured is only the beginning. It seems like that perv is just like the MC and the tree-dude, only he's not yet using it to kill other fractured humans.
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  4. Robo-chan realizes he's on the same level as Ron Jeremy, Lexington Steele and Mr. Marcus now.
  5. At first I thought those were names of golfers because of the Robo-chan. Thought you were talking about Robot x Laserbeam. Then I looked them up... and I concur ;)

    I just realised it's been 4 weeks since the previous chapter. Did the author go on a break or something? Nice to have it back though.

    edit: http://readms.net/r/jagaaaaaan/20/4408/1 seems like they were just behind on scanlations.
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  6. It was on a one week break. I think it was mentioned at the end of chapter 18.

    This terminator looks pretty cool
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  7. Please dont let them make a super Hero team. That shit is so lame. I like how this manga has mystery and suspense, cause you never know who may show up. Thats why I like the tree character.
    It looks like atleast jagasaki wont be joining them.
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  8. The leader guy gives off the vibe of someone who's just going to exploit / turn on / get the whole team killed. I don't expect the superhero team to last long.
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  9. i get the feeling he has his own twisted agenda.
  10. Those are some Mystery Men level powers.
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  11. It's been a while since I read some Jagaaaaan. Jagaski new teammates have some cool powers.
  12. I never liked misfits teaming up to form some kind of Justice League or Avengers group. I hope it doesn't become the main focus of the story. Still intrigued as to where this will go.
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  13. With them all murdered, that's how this will go. Every flag is there, I'll be shocked if anything different happens.
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  14. Noone of them is a good person. Evil might not be also correct description but they are all very broken.

    And technically only one of them can survive.

    I believe the whole thing will fail spectaculary in few chapters. It's not going to be superhero manga
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  16. Top Shounen heroes of All Time:

    1. Robo-Chan

    2. Uchiha Sasuke
    3. Goku
    4. Kenshiro
    5. Naruto
    6. Kurosaki Ichigo
    7. Luffy
    8. Toriko
    9. Gon
    10. Kei (Gantz)
    11. Natsu

    lol....that was SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. http://readms.net/r/jagaaaaaan/24/4558/1
    This Perverted virgin Hahaha. How can hè already be bored with fucking girls.
    This is what I'm also hoping for
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  18. Not quite sure what it means that I half-expected the brother to confuddle Robo by just enjoying the movie.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that we're going to see less "rampaging" type infestations and more like Robo for the time being. Our "super-hero" team will start moving on from the brainless "bad guys" to "bad guys" who still are in control. At some point in there the group will screw up or get shaken up and that will be the beginning of the end for it.

    @San - what is it with you and Robos? All this one needs to do is golf now...
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