1. two fucking chapters, what a treat. Holy fuck that mother was such a bitch, fuck her.

    Damn... I wish girls came on to me like that.
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  2. Nice double chapter, Jagaski needs a powerup or a strategy with this ugly opponent.
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  3. ...

    "Hey thunder. I want your genes. "

    You want that?
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  4. At this point, anything above a 5 can say whatever the fuck they want to me.
  5. The author is doing a great job w/ the art. That double page was nicely done!
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  6. Ch 16: http://readms.net/r/jagaaaaaan/16/4339/1

    I that Jagasaki would level up and he did. This chapter was freaking awesome and next week we are going to get probably the strongest fractured human yet. Those last couple of pages tho! LOL
  7. That was pitiful
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  8. Just plain sad. Poor dude.
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  9. It would be good if he just became an evil villain that is a partial fractured human. With all that emotion inside I doubt that could happen though.
  10. Nah, maybe exactly because he's so strong he'll overpower the loss of self induced by the frog / toad parasite. Maybe he'll maintain consciousness and start murdering happy couples etc, create a serial-killer MO rather than become a rampaging beast.

    Also, the main-character's will to live is pretty appealing. I thought he was a good for nothing loser with no backbone, but that flashback and everything shows that despite being a nice, gutless person who doesn't stand up to people and superiors that much -- when push comes to shove, he'll fucking blast your brains out with that Bazooka of his.
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  12. Now that you mention it, it does remind me somehow of Gantz. Gantz was a really good manga... good times.
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  13. So is this guy going to be the next protagonist, or super-antagonist? I'm trying to figure out why we care about him, really.
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  14. Definitely super antagonist. I'm interested to see what his powers are aside from ripping his cock through a defenseless girls panties.
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  15. Man, that's one helluva BBC.
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  16. :derp :aizen
  17. Absolutely no interest in Roba chan. The tree guy on the other hand...
    Also, the MC is one tough cookie if he came to his senses to save Bell.

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