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  2. Hope we see Hisoka next week., and makes.me think so.
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  4. That is probably one of the best power you can have in the world of nen. You would have to understand that arrow attack and literally do nothing for it to not affect you I think.
  5. Was the stowaway the Prince, or Hisoka? I thought it was Hisoka sneaking on that put the ship in lockdown.
  6. I honestly have no idea whats going on anymore. Has the assassin who was killing people left and right in Kurapika's room been caught? or even identified? Is it the same person who is trying to get noticed by the spiders? I need to reread this arc from the beginning.
  7. I kind of know what's going on but would know more if I was reading continuously on a weekly basis.
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  9. Sad
  10. That ending was so messed up and sad. Couldn't they just transport from their room on the ship to their home since they've been there before? I forgot the limitations. I wish she made it out in time.

    I guess that rule is set in stone no matter how you leave, as soon as you leave the hands of death will approach you and kill you.
  11. I think they did it that way to use the doors as a means of escape. They got off easy enough, byt Melody was worried about the other beast. She thought it might be a battle type that wouldn't wanna escape. I think she might have even speculated that the ceremony itself may try and stop them. I might be remembering that wrong though.
  12. ch 385: https://readms.net/r/hunter_x_hunter/385/5413/1

    Pretty good chapter with the 4th Prince training. I am still scratching my head on how he survived. His guardian beast must of put a genjutsu on Theta before it disappeared, it's so creepy looking lol.
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  14. The fourth prince is gonna be a monster of an opponent against Kurapika.
  15. The prince with the gengetsu like ability is going to be a problem and the one with the bow and arrow unless you know his ability.
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  17. That's a confusing ability honestly not sure I fully grasp it

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