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  3. That's one serious drawback. I was thinking Kurapika was OP, but that's an appropriate risk for him using emperor time to basically be unstoppable.
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  5. To break it down simply.

    1. The Hunters want to go to the void/unknown land
    2. The rich princes want to go as well
    3. There is a succession war going on for the Kings spot among the siblings
    4. The Hunters were hired as bodyguards for the princes
    5. The Hunters have their own agenda after they are landed, this involves Beyond (the late Chairman's son) and to explore the unknown world
    6. Kurapica is trying to figure shit out and trying to protect the princes he was hired to protect (the baby)
    7. Once the princes learns nen who knows what they will do with that knowledge, maybe a threat to the hunter association, they have a lot of resources

    I think this is my understanding so far. Keep in mind it's harder cause we haven't been reading on a consistent basis in so long.
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  7. He's the shit, I loved that line at the end.
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  9. ch 368: http://readms.net/r/hunter_x_hunter/368/4494/1

    For years I've been dying to see what Hanzo's abilities are and his full potential. I would be SUPER happy for him to get some shine in this arc. He is one of the earlier characters of this series still relevant.
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  10. I agree it would be cool to see his ability, personality is really important with nen, so it'd be cool to see what a ninja develops.
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  11. HxH arc still building up. I can't believe it's only been 2 days (probably 3 by the end of the chapter).
  12. His attention to detail is pretty damn good.
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  13. Always been amazing to see, even now I'm in awe at times.
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  14. Not surprising another hiatus for manga, but looks like Togashi is saying it will be back before the end of the year this time.

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