1. Hiatus x Hiatus strikes again.
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  2. Like no one saw that one coming haha.
  3. I have been prepared. Thankfully he gave us hisoka vs chrollo so I'm satisfied for now.
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  4. I was also prepared... this guy is like the biggest TROLLER ever, and he's getting paid for it.

    The Hisoka vs Chrollo was weak sauce.
  5. yea!
  6. There were rumors that Togashi won't be the one doing the drawing anymore. I heard it would be either his wife (author of Sailor Moon) or Sui Ishida (author of Tokyo Ghoul).

    I hope those rumors were wrong, though. No matter how scribble-like Togashi's art can be, I'll still choose his art over anyone else's when drawing HxH.
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  7. When he's on his game his talent shows.
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  8. I would honestly be okay with a different illustrator, so long as togashi is behind the story/dialogue and it means no more breaks.
  9. Last time around I made the mistake of getting hyped and started reading. Not gonna make the same mistake twice. Gonna let him get at least a couple of months worth before i read it.
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  10. This, berserk and vagabond are the most frustrating mangas to read. I gave on all of them. Just like you I'm going to wait until somewhere one day I read that the mangas are finished and then reread all of it.

    Also I'm with Cole. As long as the dialogue and the story is from togashi I don't really care if someone else does the job. Togashi has been really sloppy with his art anyways.
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  12. I'm pretty lost myself, I wish I started reading again when i foumdnout it was returning.
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  13. Today is a glorius day, HxH is back and drawing was superb. I must admit I'm forget what all the nen types are.
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  14. 42 JUMPS LOL
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  16. Those are some fucked up Spirits Beasts. Holy shit that horse-monster was creepy af.
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  18. I'm liking this, re-read some chaps. Of all tbe princes, I like the evil one the most. Hope Chrollo and the troupe show up soon.
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  19. Been reading through the whole setup for this arc. This panel intrigued me.
    Is Gin implying that dude set loose the chimera ants, as a sort of play, to get people interested in the dark continent??

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