1. Gallery fake on audience, order stamp with the specific command "break" Hisoka, convert hands too disguise himself as an audience member, attack at opportune moments. Using bookmark it seemed he switched to sun and moon to plant a bomb on Hisoka. Idek if that's right but thats my best description of chrollos tactics
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  2. What a freaking sneaky dog move......Hisoka doesn't stand a chance with that kind of disadvantage.
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  4. You mean he's been outmaneuvered and yes I agree. It is kind of weird to see but then you quickly remind your self who he's up against. Ain't no shame in running away he had chances to go outside of the stadium.
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  6. BUMP

    That Hisoka origins was so damn good. I hope it gets animated.
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  8. Hisoka for the win. I guess you never know with this guy. Let's see how much it takes for him to take down the other spiders.
  9. I think this is the first time he is going after someone for a reason other than wanting to fight a strong opponent. Going after the troupe feels personal. I wonder if his nen is actually stronger now that he was dead.
  10. Hahah hisoka held à grudge against those 2 after that fight with Danchou.
  11. wow that was so unexpected. Wouldn't it of been better for Hisoka to let Machi heal him rather then him use his own nen to do it? To the question above, he most likely is stronger now cause nen does get stronger after death. I'm not entirely sure what happened there. Did he use bungee gum to protect his heart and lungs in the explosion? So Kortopi is dead but is Shalnark dead too? I wanted the whole gang to meet on the ship. I'm glad their going, deep down I wanted them to go but I didn't know how. Hisoka better be careful cause if he goes after the gang he's gonna eventually gonna have to fight the Zoldyck family if he kills Kalluto.
  12. Likely he doens't know if her nen stays attached to him, like his does. Maybe she can remove what she's fixed at any time? Then he'd be screwed while fighting the spiders because she'd surely remove it.
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  13. I honestly think Hisoka learned to heal himself on the go when he came back to life. Must be his stronger nen. He instructed his nen to contract and squeeze his heart and lungs effectively restart their functions. Then he used his bungee gum to recreate his missing limbs and texture surprise to change their texture to skin(?) like. And yes he one-shotted shalnark with a massive punch. Lets not forget that Hisoka ranked 3rd when it came to physical strength when he was in the troupe while Shalnark and Kortopi were 10th and 13th respectively.
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  14. Oh man good memory, you brought back old memories. I forgot there was a power scale ranking on the Genei Ryodan, can't find it though. There was a ranking on the arm wrestling too.
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  16. I really hope so. What were they up to last and would they even of had enough time to go. Gon would want to go on an adventure with his pops and Killua would want to join along with Gon. I assume Hisoka made it on the ship cause Chrollo and his gang are on it.
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