1. I was new to the manga and blissfully unaware that there were many hiatuses. I had finished watching the 2011 anime and wanted to see where it went from there. Boy did i regret starting the current arc.
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  2. I'm like the dumb girl that continuously goes back to her abusive boyfriend so I will go back to reading/watching this when it comes lol.
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  4. Seriously... the first chapter after a hiatus... it's a long one with princes and body guards... and money.. oh my... way to make me jump aboard the HYPE train. PSYCH
  5. Great chapter and a crap load of details as expected lol I really enjoyed this. It wasn't hard to jump back in on this manga right away. I'm looking forward to the upcoming chapters. lol @ Kurapika kissing ass to Biscuit to get her to accept the mission.
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  7. Ok this came out of nowhere. No hint indicating at all that this fight was going to happen. It's only one of the biggest hyped up fights since 300 chapters or so. But who's complaining. Just write more chapters Togashi and we'll forgive you.
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  8. How the hell is Togashi gonna pull this epic shit out of nowhere the 2nd chapter after a long hiatus lmafao!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! It shows me he is trying to make up for the hiatus. This was such a 180 turn from the storyline but I don't freaking care I wanted to see this for so long.
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  9. Latest chapter made me jizz my pants. Been looking forward to Chrollo v Hisoka since for fucking ever.

    Hisoka is still the best character ever, he better beat the shit outa Chrollo.
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  10. The only nag in an otherwise perfect chapter is that they gave hisoka a last name. He didnt need a last name nor did we needed to know that. He just was Hisoka.
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  11. Good point!

    Also, no one pointed out that Chrollo haa Shalnark's powers and if he has the power to give it back. I'm assuming that he lent him his powers
  12. Oh shit didn't even notice I don't remember too well but I think its permanent either that or its up to Lucifer
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  14. He is talking about the comment Togashi(the author) made in last week's jump issue saying he is sick again. Hopefully he is just kidding.
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  18. I'm so confused right now. Left hand, Right hand, Antenna, Fake, Bookmark, Puppets, Duplicates, Sun, Moon, Positive, Negative and bunjee gum! Heck! Hisoka is still the best Hunter of all!
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