1. Hunter X Hunter


    Author(s) Togashi Yoshihiro

    Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen

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  2. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    fantstic manga as long as it will start back up.
  3. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    My nephew just bought all the volumes available in english (22 I believe). He's getting them tomorrow. Might as well reread this again. Freaking love this manga. Definitely my favorite shonen together with DB.
  4. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Too bad Togashi is a fucking lazy asshole
  5. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Or he's really sick. Who knows. All I know is that I need my HxH fix already.
  6. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    please....we all know he's off playing WOW
  7. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    If only we had a consistant togashi.....life would be so much better.
  8. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Haven't read this yet

    heard mixed reviews

    what is it similar to?
  9. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Mixed Reviews? HxH has to be one of the best shounen of all time. I don't know who would give it mixed reviews, probably just people that read the first couple of chapters and left it off at that. HxH imo has the best 'power' system (like chakra in Naruto and Soul Cutters in Bleach, ki in DBZ etc) of any manga I've ever read. It's so complex and so vast literally anything is possible, and the best of all is that is so well explained it makes things even better.

    There's not really a manga out there like HxH. I guess you could say it mixes elements from other manga, there's some similarities with Naruto (given that both authors are friends and ''borrow'' concepts from each other), so you will see things like the chounen exam, etc (although I believe HxH is much better and that usually is Kishimoto that does the borrowing from Togashi...) There's also some DBZ elements and some elements from Togashi's Yuyu Hakusho like tournaments, but the power system and the plot is definitely unique.

    If there's anything that I would take away from the series is that Togashi is a lazy ass. He's been ''sick' for like three years now, and takes HUGE ass breaks and comes back drops 10 chapters and then takes another six month break... Other than that, you can't ask for a more entertaining shounen imho.
  10. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    You really just cant grasp the simple concept of "Difference of opinion" can you?
  11. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    HxH is too awesome for someone to read it and not like it. It just can't happen. It goes against the laws of physics.
  12. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Sorry but you are making absolutely no sense.
  13. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Ok I'll make it simple so even you can understand. There is no one on this planet that has read HxH and doesn't like it. Such person does not exist.
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  14. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Ok now im going to ask you to stop because you are trolling.
    People can dislike HXH just like people can dislike anything on this planet.

    Do not post this bullshit again.
  15. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    I have read the HxH and I actually don't like one thing, how the writer of the manga "gets sick". I completly bugs me.
  16. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Sooo...any news yet when he's gonna miraculously recover and get back on writing?
  17. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    They added all the chapters to One Manga [188-260], which is a good thing. But still no new chapter. I just read the last chapter 290 and oh man it was good reading that chapter. The fight with Netro and The King was even better reading it a second time.
  18. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    i hate when people post in this thread...it gives me hope of any news about new chapters.
  19. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    Yeah, it's a shame really.

    I just recently re-read it from Volume 1 and it was sweet. Too bad there probably won't be a chapter out this year.
  20. Re: Hunter X Hunter

    i'm gonna re-read this whole manga soon
    loved the old arcs so much, this current one isnt one of my favs

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