1. Highschool of the Dead



    A mysterious, lethal disease is on the loose worldwide, resulting in a catastrophic death rate of humanity, and the increasing rise of attacks, caused by the living dead.
    In Japan, several high school students and a school nurse have banded together to escape Fujimi Private High School shortly after it was attacked by "them." The group now attempts to figure who or what was responsible for this plague, and in the meantime, attempt to survive the present apocalypse.

    Yes this is kinda old but i looked today and i'm not sure if this is new but it looks new to me.

    CHAPTER 23!!!


    "Now for the bad news...

    If you hadnt heard, HSotD has been put on hiatus in Japan. We dont know when, or even if it will EVER be resumed.

    Yeah, we know, that really sucks" http://xamayon.org/

    So it seems it might not be completed or continued, that just sucks....
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    I read this purely for fanservice, but I dropped it loong ago because of the lack of chapters.

    Still, this is highly entertaining for those who like zombies-survivors and side dish of sex.
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    I think 23 has been out for a bit now but haven't seen that extra before. I have pretty much all but given up hope on this manga. I just don't think its popular enough to come back from a hiatus like this. A shame since its a good read
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    then it must have been some where else, because Onemanga just said it was new for yesterday the 30th. but they are kind of slow getting these things but i don't remember seeing anything past the special and 22 anywhere other then maybe a scan of it and no trans.
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    I remember reading the chapter because i raged at that old couple at the end. All that work the group went through to get that medicine (not to mention that guy dying) and they just jump the building to their deaths. What a waste
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    Hmm, i think i must have missed that when NM was still running. Man i got really excited over it today when i say it was on Onemanga and then i read what they said about it being on hiatus. After all this wait, and now we just have to wait longer >.<
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    Bumping this thread since I thought some of you here may like to know that HSOTD is starting back up this month and an anime has been announced. I for one loved the zombie killing and all, the fanservice got a little annoying after a while, but I kept with it since I want to see how things actually turn out. I just like survival type stories...and zombies, so this one was worth picking up. Just so the story doesn't get too bogged down with fanservice, I'll probably keep reading it.
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    That's great news since I heard both the author and artist were moving onto other things.

    What is with the pic in the original post though
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    They have. They started another series called Triage X. Haven't read it myself, but I heard about it a while ago.

    And agreed at the picture at the top...I'd put either of these two instead...


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    This awesome news. I had all but lost hope on the manga but now we get an anime as well?

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    Great news! I love almost anything zombie related, but had just about given up on seeing any new chapters for this. Can't wait!
  12. Was just about to post it lol.

    Oooooo Saeko. How Ive missed you <3
  13. I'm glad this is back, missed my non-generic survival horror<3
    Chapter was alright, I'm looking forward to the later chapters more than anything now that it's published again.
  14. yey its getting animated =D
  15. eh? where have you read that?.
  16. Lol dude haven't you seen the trailer?

    It's being produced by Madhouse.
  17. hm have not really been looking much after this as the manga is going slow so yea.

    But nice gonna watch the anime to when it get out lol.
  18. Don't really watch much anime now days, but I will definately be watching this.

    Just when I thought there were going to be some new guys in the group they die... Can't believe they killed of that guy and the police girl, good chapter though.

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