1. Re: Hajime no Ippo

    3 fights - 3KO and already Indo Champ...

    must have a deep amateur background like Vorg. if Vorg had beat ippo and went on to beat Date he would have done it with the record of 4 fights and 4 ko's ...
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    I hope he's better than Randy Boy jr. That'd be entertaining.
  3. Re: Hajime no Ippo

    ippo fighting someone on RBJ's level right now is scary i don't think he is ready.
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    the longest running anime ever...... that's amazing.
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    manga you mean... hehe, it probably going on 20yrs now. It is amazing.
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    I think there's a manga with a police officer with a uni-brow that's been going on for more than 30 years with over 1500 chapters.

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    haven't read it yet but i am thinking Mr Sagaguchi? (sp) (mini don king?)

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    color me suprised, its Miguel... now i am really interested for this fight cuz all of his fighters are beats, Hawk, Anderson and now this Indo Champ.

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    just had a crazy idea, what if Indo Champ has the demspey roll in his move list?
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    I was expecting him to have super fast speed and reaction, cause he's basically a human version of the gibbon (if you know a thing or two about gibbons, you know that they're basically the fastest monkey in the world. They challenge tigers for fun). Ippo is gonna have a really hard time fighting this monkey.
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    for a moment, i thought i was reading a greenpeace pamphlet there
  10. Re: Hajime no Ippo

    I like Ippo's opponent but I do feel bad now because Ippo's eventually going to smash his face in. Poor guy.
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    incredible dodging and motionless punches and wicked agility and strenght ... ippo's face is gonna look really ugly for this fight.
  12. Re: Hajime no Ippo

    Lazy bum. I hate it when he takes breaks constantly.
  13. Re: Hajime no Ippo

    Well he has that luxery. He has been in the business for 20 years, so he's like I don't give a fuck I'm tha man

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