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    852 is out if most havent read it yet. Like i said before Itagaki is going to show you the true meaning of speed :)
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    Where? Mangahelpers and Onemanga don't have it.
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    yeah, I looked on Onemanga, I prayed for it, but it hasn't shown up recently. I really love Itagaki, he pwns more than the main character in my opinion. Especially since whenever he and Ippo spar now Ippo just keeps talking about how hard it is for him to get anything going.
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    woops i lied... i thought 851 was 852, i fail.. sorry
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    teehee, good fail Ipposama
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    Wow 851 chapters,I may have to take a gander.
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    :( about the fail. As for accune, HnI is arguable the best sports manga ever.. everything about it is good times. You should Definitely check it out
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    I looked at the first few pages to see if I would like the drawings and so far so good.
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    Do more than look. Ravenously consume. It's duration and appeal as a manga is almost unequaled. It really is really good stuff
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    where in the world is 852 translated... gah
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    I caught up to 851, but the later the series stretched on the worse it got to me. I enjoyed it in the beginning, but as it progressed the techniques became more and more outrageous, and the opponents turned into clones of each other. I have to give the author some credit because there's only so much you can do, but things like Miyata's latest punch just make me groan. I miss the beginning when everything they did seemed realistic enough and there were historical references.
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    Is this manga on a break or something?
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    Seems like it. Raws haven't been coming out for weeks now. Wonder when it'll continue.
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    Theres often a one week break. Saying it hasn't come out for weeks is exaggerating. Scans on the other hand, they get put on hiatus for what seems like forever.
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    Was there a chapter last week? I can't remember, but I don't think so. So it hasn't been out for weeks (plural, as in 2 weeks at least).
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    Scans are out for 852 and 853.

    Fucking hell, Mashiba has still got it.
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    well, it'd be weird to see him lose at this stage, but I wouldn't want it to be too easy.

    They should've made Itagaki struggle a little more, fucker is overhyped now

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