1. Have I ever told you guys that I hate clowns? They traumatized me ever since I saw one at a circus as a kid, and simply cannot understand how people think those monstrosities can be amusing to children when they more look like crazy psychopaths than lovable, amusing and friendly...long story short, you can guess how I feel every time Mana shows up! XD

    Other than that, I liked seeing Cross in this chapter.
  2. Yeah it was nice seeing him i just wish the story would be more clear sometimes. Feels like we're skipping around. Maybe it'll make sense afterwards.
  3. im very confused by this story.
  4. I hear a lot of people saying this, like all the time, and use it as an argument to put this manga down, but I really don't see it. It's pretty simple and straightforward I think.
    Only part I found confusing was that Alma Karma/Kanda arc, but that's only because I speed-read through it as I had no interest in it. Everything before and since I find quite clear...

    Anyway, new chapter (207):


    Kinda meh-ish if you ask me: too much Johnny, or whatever he's called. Everything else I tought was okay.
    And just freakin' translate that stupid "nakama" word already!
  5. being confused by it doesnt mean im putting it down. i like it but it still confuses me...
  6. Johhny is creeping me out. I know you looked up to Allen man but stop being such a puss. Also I'm curious to know what type of relationship did Road and the 14th have. That would make so much sense why Road is so into Allen and why the fucking hell is Kanda alive. Man that's some bullshit. They gave dude a nice send off now they just fucked it up by going "lol no" it's like Apachai from Kenichi all over again.
  7. Lol, I know. I didn't mean you did or anything don't worry. I kinda meant in general, by other people etc. XD
    Sorry if you felt aimed at or anything.

    Lol. I think this is the second time we've had a "Is Kanda dead?" fake suspense.
    Nah man, it was obvious he was still alive: Always first/second in popularity polls, fangirl bait etc etc.

    Another "death" I think no one is buying: Link's. He's totally still alive.
  8. Wasn't so confusing as the previous chapters. And one thing is for sure: KANDA IS BACK BOOOYAAA!
  9. Is cool, not tripping but this is what I mean when I say it confuses me. I thought kanda was sent to some other "dimension," by whatever his name is... I always forget his name, along with the dude that was trying to kill them. I didn't realize that kanda was supposed to be dead. I thought he was just taking a break or something.
  10. atleast this is finally starting to make sense again
  11. 209 raw + trans:

    - RAW:


    - Translation:

    Page 1 -

    Johnny is walking inside a train station.
    "Hehe.... It's really worn-out. I wish the section leader wasn't so poor."
    We see him grinning at a tattered necktie.

    Page 2 -

    Mustache!Crow guy: "Mr. Johnny Gill."
    Johnny: "Ye-yes!?"
    Mustache!Crow guy:"This way please."
    Non-mustache!Crow guy:"We are your [assigned] guards from Central."
    The two men, wearing hats and sunglasses, invites Johnny to the train.
    Mustache!Crow guy:"Your position, after this, will be gratefully purified in accordance with the laws of the Black Order."
    Johnny: "Pu--purified...?"
    The man pulls out a small liquid bottle from his coat pocket and hands it over.
    Mustache!Crow guy: "Well, this won't be hard. Please drink this."
    Johnny: "!?" "Thi-this is...?"
    Mustache!Crow guy: "It's medicine that will erase your memories of the Black Order."

    Page 3 -

    Splash page

    Night 209 - A couple of travelers looking for A.W (Allen Walker)
    Reever is sitting at his desk, surrounded by papers and books, smiling at a picture frame that he's holding.

    Page 4 -

    Reever: "I've always worn a necktie ever since I entered [the Black Order]."
    Johnny: "Eh......."
    Gigi: "Woaah! A necktie!" "That's some farewell gift, eh!? It's catchy-----!!"
    Reever: "Shut up!"
    Gigi cries out again before being cut off: "Catchy----!!!!"
    Reever: "I'm giving my assistant my Grandmother's embroidered St. Christopher's medal!!"
    Johnny is deeply moved by the necktie.
    Johnny: "......."
    Reever: "From what I've seen of the Black Order, I think it's great to accept doing something wholeheartedly."
    SFX of Johnny's nose ^_^: Uruu
    Johnny: "Section lea...."
    Reever: "DON'T CRY!!!!!"
    "Listen Johnny, it's all because of you."
    "What becomes of us if you don't loan us stamps?"
    "We continue to sever white* with 'Johnny putting a stop on his aim of succeeding his father's occupation.'"

    Page 5 -

    Reveer: "Become someone who can protect the science division!"
    Johnny: "YES SIR!!!"
    Gigi: "Sniff sniff... You really look like a stupid idiot!"
    Gigi: "The biggest idiot of idiots... IDIOT!"
    Gigi: "Listen up, idiot! Don't die!!"
    Johnny: "Gigi, please tell Rob that I send him my best regards."
    Gigi (sobbing away): "Idioooot! Rob will hate me!!" "I don't knoooowww wahhhhhhhhh!!"**
    Johnny: "Cash..."

    Page 6 -

    Cash: "........Because I'm the number one most valuable scientist,...."
    "....I feel that I must believe in the future!"
    "What I also hope to believe in, is Allen!"
    End of flashback.
    Johnny's thoughts: ?
    (T/N: 2ch poster did not put them down! D: I can recognize the word "every" in the Chinese scanlation so I'm guessing Johnny's thinking along the thoughts of "Everyone's counting on me!" ...maybe? >__<)

    Page 7 -

    Mustache!Crow guy: "Don't worry."
    Mustache!Crow guy: "When you wake up in a safe location, you won't have any recollection of the Black Order. From there, we'll return you home."
    SFX of Johnny's heart beating: Dokkin dokkin
    Johnny's thoughts: Section leader.... Of course.
    Johnny's thoughts: Should I willingly drink this hindrance into my system...?
    SFX: Dokkin dokkin
    (T/N: I tried to match this part with the shape of the speech bubbles so I apologize ahead for its unusualness.)
    Johnny's thoughts: To forget the Black Order means....
    Johnny's thoughts: ....to also...
    Johnny's thoughts: ...forget....
    Johnny's thoughts: ...Allen?
    Johnny's thoughts: That is...
    Johnny's thoughts: That is troublesome....
    Mustache!crow guy: "Well, quickly drink it!"

    Page 8 -

    Johnny: "I'm so sorry!!"
    The two Crow members: "!!"
    SFX of Johnny's bomb hitting the floor: BOMU!!! (BOOM)

    Page 9 -

    Non-mustache!Crow guy: "Smokescreen!?"
    Mustache!Crow guy: "It's different! It's sleeping gas!"
    Johnny's mini thoughts while waving his arm around: Main door! Main door!
    Johnny's thoughts: It's a very powerful gas since a person will instantly fall asleep within 3 seconds of inhaling it.
    Johnny's thoughts: Once I reach my goal, the final result will be ok.
    Johnny's thoughts: I'll make a dashing escape from the train, when its steam comes down...!!

    Crow: BIND!!
    Johnny: "!?"

    Page 10 -

    Johnny's thoughts: Bah!! These people are Crow!!?

    Mustache!Crow guy: "Johnny Gill, this is an unmistaken act of treason."
    "The destination has been changed...., got it?"
    "You are..."
    "...going to prison."

    Page 11 -

    SFX of Kanda crashing through window: BAN (Crash)

    Non-mustache!Crow guy: "Wha-what's this....!?"
    SFX of him being hit by Kanda: DOGA!!

    Page 12 -

    SFX of Kanda throwing his victim into the compartment: POTO
    SFX of slamming of door: PI SHA!
    SFX of the terror that Kanda is unleashing on his victims: DOKA GOKYA(?) BAKIN BOKIN GORI
    Johnny: "......."
    Crow victims' screams of terror: "Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"
    SFX of the paper falling: PA SA

    Page 13 -

    Johnny: "........"
    Johnny opening the door: "Ummm......"
    Johnny: "Kanda."
    "Is it really you?"

    Page 14 -

    Kanda: "I heard about you from Marie."
    "You're going to where Beansprout is, right?"
    Johnny: "......Eh..... That is....?"
    SFX of Kanda's stare: GIRO
    Kanda: "What is it!?"
    Johnny: "I--I don't know! I'm sorry!!"
    "I will be brainstorming ideas of how to find Allen!!"
    Kanda: "Really?"
    Johnny: "Ah... Um... Er... Asides from that, you're going to let these people live....?"

    Page 15 -

    Kanda: "It's for a sense of relief. Crow was full of holes from their negligence. You're also here because the Black Order publicly kicked you out."
    Johnny: "What kind of happiness is this from Kanda?"
    Johnny: "But Kanda, why are you here?"
    Kanda: "I want us to go together."

    Johnny freezes.

    Johnny looks up: 'EH?"
    Kanda: "I'm going to be your escort until we get to Beansprout's place."

    Ending tagline: "The wind blows. A unique combination, on the search for Allen, forms!?"

    Continued: Next month

    Fuckin' Johnny man...fuckin' Johnny.
  12. uhhh this came out with 16 pages only, does that mean this will go back to being a weekly manga? :confused:
  13. Still monthly, I think.
  14. Still read it as well, and enjoy it quite a bit.
    A lot of people give this manga a lot of shit, and while I agree that some of the criticism is justified, there's something about this manga that just greatly appeals to me.

    Could be the setting, could be the art, could just be how it presents itself and the mood it creates, I'm not really sure.

    Anyway, this and last chapter were quite interesting, but we really need more Lavi, Crowley, Lenalee etc.

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