1. If it's confusing to you now I hate to see you when you get to the later arcs. In anycase does anyone ever notice how much the Order gets there shit fucked up in there own home turf? I mean really the Noah, Akuma hell anyone can just waltz right in and fuck shit up.
  2. as you've said some time, the Noah's can just kill them anytime they want, that's just how strong they are... so the question is why they still havnt finished them off?
  3. Well they did say that they were looking for this particular innocence. And why kill everyone when you can use them to do what you want THEN kill them.
  4. I used to think that Rode's or Road's love for Allen was just a crush didn't expect her jump in the way for him. Anyways Allen sure is in a sucky situation huh.
  5. Is it just me or is this slowly getting better and better. I've read the last 5 or so chapters and it's not that bad anymore.
  6. I enjoyed the shit outta this chapter. It seems like now things just made a complete 180 and now yesterday's friends are today's enemies. Now this manga is interesting again.
  7. Just read 205, Manga is Finally picking back up.When they get so good you kinda forget that authors can get in little slumps too. But now it's back. Wonder what will happen after this.
  8. I wouldn't call it a little slump because chapters are kinda short + monthly, but this is getting good. Been quite a while since I really look forward to read the next chapter of this manga.
  9. Now this manga just went into high gear. I can't wait for the next chapter. The part with Linalee was a little heartbreaking but it's for the best.
  10. want next chapter out now ..
    I wanna know what happen with road did she die?. :O_O:
  11. Noahs can't die. They can be defeated but in the end they just reincarnate. If she did die then hopefully it inspires Allen to pull his head out his ass and stop ignoring what's going on with him and the 14th. Get that shit under control ala Hollow Ichigo and become a badass Noah Exorcist.
  12. As far i know the Noahs can die cause well if not where is Jasdevi Noah of Bonds Skin Bolic Noah of Wrath and Lulu Bell Noah of Lust.
  13. It's not like they reincarnate instantly after they die. Even if they did, then they would still be a kid and their Noah's memories wouldn't have been fully returned or hasn't return at all.
  14. The Noah is reborn into another person. They can't truely die. Just come back in another body. Skin Bolic's host was like some grown ass dude working in a warehouse that started having visions when he was about to be possessed by the Noah. They just hop hosts it seems.
  15. So this is Tiki in a new body? The guy who was fighting.
  16. He's still the same Tykki. He wasn't killed if I recall. Allen's Innocence cause the Noah inside of him to go berserk that time during the Noah's Ark arc and he spent that time recovering and now he's healed.
  17. Ohh okay, he looks very different. Then again everyone does. I hope Road isn't dead she was my favorite Noah besides Tiki. I'm really curious as to what's going to happen to Allen. Wonder if he'll give into his Noah half..
  18. He lost some of his markings cause his Noah went wild but it's the same body.

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