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  3. im gonna have to go back and read up on some of these people to refreash myself who nea and mana actually were it's been that long but am happy its back was really beginning to think that was it done without the mangaka finishing it
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  4. This manga started off so good I saw so many possibilities in the plot even though sometimes the art is spotty, hope it stays consistent!
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  5. Seriously, this is one of those manga's that started consistently, with a good story, good set-up, nice characters. A good background of organizations, protagonists and antagonists etc... We had a clear overview of events happening before the start of the story, a clear overview of the development of the characters, their relationships with other characters etc... AND THEN FUCKING BOOM. Mangaka goes on a fucking break to go do shrooms and LSD in the woods for years, comes back and starts tripping while writing, fucks the whole story up and the amount of fucks given is below the absolute FUCKING zero.

    Then the mother fucker relapses and disappears again for another few years only to emerge with a fucking story that resembles that fucking bad LSD trip that almost got himself making love to a fucking wild bear because he thought it was a wood elf or something.

    I am seriously wondering what the fuck happened with her and why her editors even fucking CONSIDERED continuing this.
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  6. My sister said the writer suffers from some type of disease but there are a lot of editors and staffers who should still be able to publish, I think there are deeper hidden reasons we'll never know.

    Allens crown clown, and some of the fights with the Noah had some bad ass art, it was awesome
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  7. Just read it and it really confused the hell out of me. I really didn't see that coming. So Mana and Nea are two halves of the original Earl and the current Earl is actually Mana? Then what about the Mana that raised Allen and was revived as an Akuma? Different person with the same name or a clone or did Mana split into two Manas? And the Earl doesn't remember being Mana and seemed to think Mana was a different person than himself? And then there's the questions from previous chapters, such as who Allen really is. We have a flashback of an adult Allen willingly offering to be Nea's host, so how did he become a kid and lose his memories?

    I really can't wait for the next chapter, so we can finally get the full story behind Mana, Nea, the Earl, and Allen. D. Gray-man not only came back out of nowhere, but came back with a bang.
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  9. Yeah, it was intense all right. I have zero recollection about the story, but I'm just going along with it.
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