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    Wow, I dunno why there wasn't a thread for this but whatever. BTW it's currently on hiatus -_-', maybe that's the reason...

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    This is old news apparently, but the Author was having trouble with plagiarism as shown below:


    I think the other work is from Bakuman - not sure though :
    This leads me to believe that this might be the reason it was put on hiatus again...
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    Blue Dragon? awww

    D.G-M is like Bleach. Has really good art except the story is better than Bleach.
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    Any got some news on this manga ? have not seen any release for very .. very long time .. still at 186 :/
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    I don't think that was plagiarism. I think it was just the boys from Bakuman looking at a panel in jump magazine. Obata also copied other mangaka's works to illustrate it in Bakuman.
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    Unfortunately, nothing...it sucks when this happens - especially when it happens this often :\

    No, Katsura might have copied Obata's work - with those freaky fingers and what not. I think you thought it was the other way around ... right? Because if Bakuman had that scene from DGM then, yea, it would be no problem.
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    Didn't the artist had something with her hand? I read somewhere that she was in the hospital a while ago.
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    Yup, but it resumed after she felt better. I think 3/4 chapters came out and back to another hiatus :\
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    awwww man. Why!? I finally caught up.

    I really hate the way Allen is being treated. If i was him i would take my damn ark. I cant believe he's enough of a bitch to let them tell him when he can and cannot use it. It's his shit.

    I wonder what happend to Cross. It looked as if someone owned the shit out of him.

    I want allen to get another innocence. Maybe the innocence that cross left will be his in a little.

    I've been so confused the last few chapters with the noah's. What the hell is going on with them. What happened to the Earl? Who the hell are all those people at the party? I was confused as to what the hell happened when they started that war. I know someone got shot and the Duke refused to sign a treaty starting another war.
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    And there's also a spoiler:
    Source: 2ch
    Credit: 産業
    Verification: Confirmed

    - The Noahs, lead by the Earl, is gathering.
    - What are the power of the 3rd Exorcists?!
    - Getting closer to Kanda's origin!!

    Could this be the start of DGM turning into a monthly series or is it just Jump trying to relaunch DGM back into the spotlight?
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    @sikwidit : I think what the Noah are trying to do is create a war which will then create terror/despair, this = profit.

    I wouldn't really mind if it's monthly with 50 pages for every chapter. Although I think this is unlikely =\
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    I just saw this...
    You know this isn't the first time she's been criticized for plagiarism, I recall a few instances in the past where it happened before.
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    This is why women shouldn't write manga...they just steal their ideas from men.

    That is pretty damn obvious though.
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    I think it's very probable that DGM becomes a monthly series. More pages means more clearer storytelling. Potentially. but she might already be used to weekly and it'll take time for her to get used to monthly writing.

    And I think the reason for the hiatus might have been her storytelling. It really jumps all over the place, and things change very fast, which makes it hard to keep up with and some time getting used to.

    For example the last few chapter that are out so far. I think during the hiatus they might have been working on perfecting that.
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    Or she's been caught plagiarising one too many times and now Mr Obata is angry.

    Its one thing if an author pays homage, like Bleach pays homage to Kenshin and DBZ, you can tell its a homage because its large and usually 1-2 pages long and usually never referred to again. But sneaking in a concept and then using it as your own is another thing.
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    Or that :p
    But she really does need to reorganize. Hopefully when it comes back it'll be better than before ... Until the next hiatus....
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    Either you're an idiot or you were being sarcastic. I'd like to point towards works such as Whistle! and FMA, just to spit in your face.
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    I haven't read much from D.Grey-man, but from what I read it was actually pretty good with inventive arcs, character designs, and setting usage (the only downside that i remeber was the cloudy art), much better than the lame shit these other best selling shounen series like Bleach and Fairy Tail.
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    Calm down...I'm hurt...after all this time you haven't noticed based of how I post that I wouldn't actually believe something like that. I thought about disclaimering the comment but I figured everyone would know I wasn't being serious but apparently I was wrong.
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    I left a window open for you not being serious.

    But lets not continue this further, I knew you weren't being completely serious either way.

    Hopefully D.Gray-Man will be up and running normally in not too long.
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    My guess is D. Gray Man will become a monthly manga...

    Can't wait.

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