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  2. The latest chapter with the conclusion of the fight was really good. I can see Midori and bakudo becoming better friends from now on and being an awesome duo
  3. Finally had some time the past few weeks to catch up on new manga...And some friends have been hyping this one up for awhile now, so what the hell?

    ...I'm pretty "eh" about it. I don't know how you can write a Shounen with such weak villains. A Shounen based on Western super heroes no less.

    ...And I don't know how you can write a Shounen nowadays with such bad lore/world building. I suppose it's to Soul Eaters level of just...disarray, but geez.

    I'll leave it at that. Newest chapter was alright, I guess, but I haven't gotten anything special out of this one so far at all. Friends who hyped it up for me all made it seem like it was going to be one of the successors to the big 3's legacy, so I went at it with all that scrutiny.

    Really wish he hadn't hyped it up for me, cause I think I ended up ruining it expecting 100 or so chapters of early Naruto/Bleach or OP(they'd gotten to Arlong Park by then..so the stage was finally set...).

    That, and he's an anime watcher first...so my assumption is that the anime really added a ton to the series, just with great animation, coloring, and episode pacing. Much like it did for Naruto.
  4. While the manga has calmed down a bit in my opinion, I don't quite see some of these. Can you elaborate on:

    1. Your definition of "weak villain." Aside from the
    big bad, there hasn't been an overwhelming "evil person" - which I'd agree to, if that's your point. I feel like the manga reminds me a lot of City of Heroes (which I loved, so maybe rose glasses and all) - you've got your top villain, and there are a bunch of weenie villains running around. The fight in the forest was too strong, imo, for these heroes (without the pros help). They're not adults, not pros, etc. That it took 3 of the cream of the crop to take down the hero killer was still above their level for me.

    2. As far as I can tell it's supposed to just be the modern world + supers, not some new world. Is there an indication that it's not just an add-on to the modern world, or am I missing your point?

    As far as the comparisons to the big 3 go, you're comparing it to some of the most popular manga (at least for a while, in Bleach's case) in the world for years running. OP doesn't make a direct comparison for me, but I feel like we're still in the equivalent of the genin team forming in Naruto and the hollows in Bleach - it's just too early for me to have a strong opinion about a lot of it. Or, to make another bad comparison, I feel like we're going at end-of-Naruto plot speed straight off the bat with BnHA, but comparing it to beginning-of-Naruto plot speed in terms of its progression.

    The appeal of this title to me is that the writer hits the big shonen tropes as tangents instead of leaning on them for plot writing, and the slower pace actually helps with that. Too often big changes in characters feel rushed to me, the slower pace helps show it develop over time. Bakugo especially had a chance to fit straight into the "Sasuke" mold, but I feel recently turned away from it into his own character.

    tl;dr - to me, you can't directly compare it 100 chapters to 100 chapters. I feel like BnHA is still in the initial stages, and is just slower than the others.
  5. I just mean in general. I got into with the same friend who asked me to read it...and he's not the most logical of debaters, so I didn't get a lot of real pushback with my negative thoughts on the series.

    I think it has more to do with where he's pulling his lore from (which will get to the second point later), the core basis of it. Super Heroes. Super Heroes have become a mainstream deal, mostly because of the Marvel Studios movies. They're a worldwide phenomenon now. So it makes sense that people in different regions would pull from that particular lore.

    Problem is....you don't get to write a good Super Hero comic without a good villain. Taking on an American lore and having weak villains (not just thematically, but also power wise) isn't going to fly well for a weekly series. Hell, it doesn't fly for the monthly series we have here in the states. If your villain can't drive your plot, than your series just flat out gets canceled a lot of the time. Only iconic super hero character I can think of that doesn't have at least ONE iconic, breaks into the public sphere villain is Iron Man...and even that's debatable.

    Unless there's another big bad coming (which to me...idk, power level wise we've already seen the best of the best go at it for this series...) I think it's going to be a struggle to get anything else going.

    Eh, it just feels really week, tacked on, and without as much thought. For as much as we've both complained about OP over the years, you can tell there's a depth to the overall lore of the world that might not be the most thought up, but at least it was thought of. Naruto from the jump had solid lore, it was just the levers that made them work. Bleach the characters were there, but the lore didn't truly feel like it was expanding until Byakuya and Renji showed up.

    With this series...I'm just kinda lost on the lore and the world and the entire purpose behind everything. Everyone has powers...but not everyone can use their powers. Super heroes protect people in a world where pretty much everyone already has powers...except again...they don't use them. There are entire schools to show kids how to use their powers to be super heroes...except supposedly, being a super hero I a public service...except they still get paid?

    It falls apart for me, simply because being a super hero isn't the same thing as being a ninja, a pirate, a wizard, a Shinigami...hell or a boxer or a cook, particularly in aworld where everyone already has those powers.

    There's a distinct lack of danger in anything happening in this series, compounded by the fact that nobody would dare be a villain with this glut of heroes running around. Where's any sense of actual chaos, or true fear from a negative force? There are far more heroes than villains or villainous organizations...or reasons for people to even act in a villainous manner...I just don't see the point.

    And then, we get to there being all these high schools that teach kids to be heroes as well...again, what's the point? (and don't give me for natural disasters. For the world at large, fine, but on the real? If those were any interesting to read, he wouldn't keep interrupiting them with villains attacking...)

    The lore feels off. Not unlike the MMO setting where you have a bunch of newbies in a staring zone, killing kobolds and spiders. There's too many of them, so we gotta figure out something for them to fight.

    This is a fair point, and probably where I was over-zealous in my initial read through and review. (Again, the friend who wanted me to read it told me it was one of the best series he's ever watched/read....so I went into it with a very discerning eye.) Another friend brought up that it was a "slow burn" series, which I actually do get.

    Honetly, now that I've caught up, I probably just need to look at it for what it actually IS, as opposed to comparing it to the most popular Shounens of the past generation. I'll admit that was unfair of me...but if you come at me with claims like he did, then I'm gonna have to respond in kind.

    Bakugo in the recent chapter has probably become a unique Shounen trope'ish character. Until this point though, he just felt like Vegeta, if Vegeta and Goku had grown up together.

    I think one of the core issues I have with it though...is the idea it's based on is already a watered down idea.

    When mangas are based off of something (again, pirates, ninjas, Shinigami..) they aren't too many degrees away from the original human story/event that created them in the first place. Superheroes though, are just watered down versions of those topical lores. Wolverine is a berserker ninja, Spider-Man is essentially a ninja, Cyclops is a Wizard, the entire Justice League is based off the Olympian pantheon, etc. etc.

    Basing a manga off of Super Heroes is already basing it off of an idea that's already watered down in the first place. The core of the mangas myth and lore isn't deep enough to sustain it imo. Hence, why on the real, it's a school life manga that just happens to have fighting in it.

    At least that's my overall take.

    I'll give it a much fairer shot going forward though, and I'll keep the pacing thought in mind...Pparticularly since I'd be a Bleach fanboy hypocrite to not do so.............
  6. All-Might with Guts's sword amused me.
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  9. Man he was worthy of One for All.
  10. Yeah, as I read the chapter I wondered how much differently it would have gone if he had inherited One for All instead of Deku.
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  11. I wonder what the scope of his power is... could he deconstruct a bulldozer and incorporate it into his body? A building? Could he incorporate himself into mist / the air?

    Also, what are the odds he gets shot with the perma-quirk-eraser?
  12. When this series first came out, I remember thinking it was really dumb. The whole premise of people randomly developing superpowers, and of a superhero society just seemed lame. Lately though I've been really enjoying it, and the anime is done so well. Since the beginning it was clear All Might wasn't telling Midoriya everything about One For All, can't wait to see what this power-up is gonna do for Midoriya.
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  13. Piers Anthony had a series of books around a similar premise. A Spell for Chameleon is the first in the "Xanth" series (originally published in 1977). I haven't read it in years, but I recall enjoying it immensely. According to Wikipedia, The Xanth series was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but they were so successful it was changed to a set of 9. Due to ongoing demand he's still publishing them, and as of last year there are 41 books in the series with 3 more planned/upcoming. Dude's 83 though.

    I still read Boku, and I think the author has done a good job walking the line after introducing super strong bad guys so early in the series. I hope he can keep it up.
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  14. Just got caught up on 4 chapters or so, and I'm looking forward to seeing Midoriya use his quirk. I'm guessing he'll have some strange episode after that dream.
  15. Yeah, I feel like there's no way this goes well.
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  16. It'd be cool if he went berserk an all might had to step in
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  17. Is AM still capable of stepping in? I was thinking more like he wouldn't be able to control his power and got someone hurt. I think that would probably traumatize him and affect his development in the future. Also he's gone from "here's my notebook/report on everyone's powers and how we should to proceed" to "don't worry guys, I got this." I can understand his mentality shift, but he definitely needs to come down a peg. I can also see Bakugo chastising him badly after this.

    Then again maybe he'll win handily. I don't know.
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