1. Or a 11 episode show instead of the regular 26 and 51 BONES animes.
  2. That latest chapter.

    I feel like this mangaka has a really good sense of the genre - he hits a lot of the shonen tropes without the manga being a giant cliche itself.
  3. Wasn't it too soon that he could handle 100,000....
  4. I'm of the mindset that anything over 100% in nearly any situation is pretty silly. It's one thing to compare something like volume or numericals - 120 is 120% of 100 - but when it comes to attributes like "strength" it's on a sliding scale - 0 to 100%. Having someone go over 100% is just silly, unless it's a comparison.

    That said, I got used to it being a shonen trope a while ago. It's one of the things that I was referring to in my above post. We'll see what the ramifications are later - from this author, I expect there to definitely be some significant ones. I'll be very disappointed if it's blown off entirely. You can already tell a bit though in the final panels and the page or two before that his right arm looks pretty shredded.
  5. anime trailer
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  6. Anyone read the latest chapter? Seriously... I like this Manga.
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  7. Man Deku needs to take a break before his arms fall off!
  8. Anyone saw the anime episode? I saw it! I'm so happy that this Manga finally got an anime.

    Deku! I mean Midoriya! You're finally going to be on the big stage!
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  10. This chapter was pretty BOSS
  11. I'd put money on All-Might dying soon. Not really sure how Midoriya is going to be allowed to get even close to All-Might's strength by the big bad though.
  12. How about that last chapter?
  13. Holy....what the hell did I just read. All Might is as crazy as Deku.
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  16. So I just started on the first volume of this series. I'm reading it in Japanese because now that 2 of the big 3 are done I've decided to just embrace reading anything new in Japanese since I have easy access to it,

    All Might is god damn hilarious.
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  17. This is a really good manga you'll enjoy it.

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