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    From Mangapanda:
    I'm a fan of superhero stuff, so I gave this one a shot. I feel like it's been pretty interesting so far. Obviously it's going to be shonen-esque, but in the 25 chapters that have been translated I've felt like it's kept a decent pace. The newest "arc" is only a few chapters in and hasn't really taken off yet, but the first 20 chapters are worth the couple of hours to read them.

    If you disagree, feel free to complain. If you don't like it I will make it up to you by eating a cookie.
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  2. Up to 39 is out - I really liked the latest chapter, if only for the picture of his father near the end.
  3. I'm caught up with this manga... but what the heck. We got like 30 chapters of the tournament? Man has it gotten sort of boring :/
  4. Not that many, but yeah - I don't really care for tournaments in manga. Looks like the next arc is gearing up though, and I'm guessing it might be All-Might's last.
  5. Ok - 42's out, tournament's over, it's a wind-down / setup chapter but there were a few panels that still cracked me up.
  6. Chapter 49 is out!! Things are set in motion! Next chapter we fight!
  7. :on fire:THIS CHAPTER!!
  8. What a freaking chapter!
  9. Loved this image.

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  10. I like that these two are having trouble. They are facing a villain; who very well can kill them, and they shouldn't be able to beat him. Other artists would of have it the other way, where they are winning.
  11. Yeah. I'm guessing Iida gets up and saves Todoroki from this attack, and Todoroki's father and / or Grand Torino show up after picking out Todoroki's fire and ice shooting off randomly in a back alley. Heck, or all the rest of the chump Hosu heroes could show up too. Or All-Might, if he also got Midoriya's text.

    The author has lots of ways this can logically go without letting the kids win, so I'll be really disappointed if they pull it out without help. I guess warp guy could port Stain out when the Nomus are defeated.
  12. Yeah, they somehow got a "win" but it was done in a way that it might be plausible?
  13. What a explosive chapter!

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