1. Damnnnn, that's gonna be cruel...
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  2. "Is that Guts as a young man?"

    Lady, do you realize that current Guts is like 23 years old, right? Granted he's lived about 8000 horrible lives but he's not old.
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  3. Wait, Guts is only 23 years old? What the hell?
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  4. 24 actually. He was 15 when he met Griffith. He was with the Hawks for 3 years. He left and then a year went by so he was 19 during the Eclipse. 20-21 during the Blackswordsman stuff. 23 during the Falcon of Millennium arc and 24 in the Fantasia arc.
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  5. I feel bad that after years of complaining that the story wasn't progressing I just read a chapter that felt slightly rushed :S I enjoyed the chapter (I almost alwasy do) but it did seem to cover a lot. With that said there was no reason why it couldn't and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens here. We could end up getting Casca back but we have a child about to witness events that completely mentally derailed a battle-hardended warrior.
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  6. Having Casca back feels so surreal. She's been like this since as long as I can remember.
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  7. this chapter... making me reread the golden age arc... Those poor girls are not going to be the same when they see the eclipse.
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  9. I'll just quote myself:

    Also, notice those monsters looked like dicks. That wasn't by accident.
  10. Haha, damn. Your comment made me reread the chapter. It all makes sense now. There were even dick monsters with dicks as hands, holy fuck.

    Anyone else think that little witch (forgot her name) seems really powerful? She's obviously not at the level of those adult witches, but holy crap, that's some impressive array of conjuring skills, idk.

    I had to laugh at Farnise's fetish haha. Seems like all that suppressed sexuality because of her religious holier-than-though fetish ended up saving them. Funnily enough, it's chewing dicks. Fucking symbolism to the max, boiz!

    This breaks are killing me. Basically so much time passes I'm experiencing this manga at various different moments in my life, it's fucking crazy.
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  11. At least we know when ittl be coming back.
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  12. HxH coming back and this going on a break. I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

    Also the way they ended the chapter. At least finish this dream sequence before you go on that 6 month brake kono yaroo
  13. So you guys are really gonna make me have to be the one to say it. Did I just see a huge dick towards the end of the chapter?


    I was hoping we got to finish the dream in this chapter cause it was getting really good.
  14. What do you mean towards the end of the chapter? Most of the chapter was Farnse and Schierke fighting, running away from and avoiding giant penis demons.

    I sent a friend the image of a Golem fighting a Penis demon with penis arms. For someone who doesn't read Berserk it seems fucked up, grotesque and pervy but it really isn't. It makes perfect sense and although it is fucked up, it's that way because of how scarring the eclipse was.

    At least the break is only until some later point of 2017. I was concerned when I read Thunder's comment that "next winter" might not have meant this winter. What an annoying cliffhanger... I really did expect to have a conclusion to the state of Cascas mind before the next break.
  15. the monsters haved ALWAYS looked like genitals....even from volume1...we have mr pussy lips


    nothing special here

    the witch's name is Schierke (though years ago I saw a tranlastion as Silk so I prefer that one)

    it has always been the case that she has the knowledge and the talent...just not the experience as her mentor/master Flora

    if anything...her (Farnese's) fetish should have been something like a pyre...it was alllll in her backstory that she loved to watch the heathens burn in the flames...the old priest (Magus?) scared her more than anything because he would kill people who questioned him...she just said it was blind faith and serpico questioned it quietly

    also...I dont remember clearly...but wasnt he just a normal priest who had his squad of freak executioners to protect him...I thought he was changed into a demon by the shadow/octopus/spider monster? may have to backtrack and reread

    see above
    most of the eclipse monsters are shaped like dicks, labias and clits
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  16. I ordered volume 37 and 38 recently. 38 hasn't been released in the UK yet but it will be soon, volume 37 arrived today and I was exceited to open it up!


    How does that even happen?

    There's another one on it's way but that damage is mental.
  17. Damn looks like someone's dog had a field day. Where'd you order it from? I was actually looking into buying manga the other day, I wanted to subscribe to shonen jump, but they don't make english copies anymore.
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  18. I bought it from UK book shop through eBay. They're on Amazon too but eBay is cheaper :p Either way it wasn't their fault, the book arrived in a plastic bag from Royal Mail saying "We sincerely apologise". Whatever happened with it was their fault and a replacement is on the way.

    It won't keep me entertained for long but wait until December might be a little less painful.
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  19. I love re-reading the first couple of volumes of Berserk and Naruto whenever I'm back home. It's so nostalgic.
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