1. http://mangastream.com/r/berserk/348/4128/1

    Those tattered clothes on the stakes are going to be the former band of the hawk who were all killed. It's going to be dark for those two when they find out about the truth
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  2. Just don't go on break.
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  3. wow @ the cover am I reading Berserk or calling escorts?


    wtf I wanted more
  4. The magazine that Berserk comes in is aimed at older teens and men. They frequently feature pictures of women in swimsuits.
  5. This is going to be a really interesting psychological analysis.
  6. If only these chapters could be as long as attack on titan. I found that gutts or gatts whatever it is hound to be really satisfying
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  7. I'm scared for what happens to silk and farnese

  8. I really enjoyed this chapter. It was fantastic to have Berserk back and the chapter didn't disappoint in anyway except that it was so short! :p
  9. Hahaha, that outro on the anime. Nothing. NOTHING. can top the original anime.

    I wonder if they're ever going to be able to heal Casca, she's been crazy for so long I'm more used to her like this than her being normal.
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  10. Started rereading about 3 months ago and goddamn i forgot just how awful the eclipse is
  11. Getting all soft...
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  12. chapter felt like he was starting his final push to the end
    ...everything is setting up to come full circle...and Guts has changed from the rage filled monster he has been for most of his life

    we are gonna see the most memorable events to casca
    ....which just terrifies me for when he gets to the eclipse

    she is either torn apart from the violence....torn apart from survivors guilt...or she is torn apart from the guilt of actually "enjoying" finally being with griffith

    ..man, I may actually reread this as well with the wife (she FINALLY agreed to read the manga but is only like 1 volume in)
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  13. Haha she's going to be in shock when she reads the later volumes
  14. A wife that wants to read manga and one of the gory and darkest mangas in Berserk. :jesus:
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  15. It's not so much that
    .. It's that I've pressured her into it talked about it for years and years and she's finally gonna give in

    Haha.. Had to edit that because rereading it made it sound like anal or something
    [not sure why my mind is in the gutter]
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  16. Sorry I read after years of convincing you got her to try anal, my head is in the gutter.
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  17. :derp
  18. Shit, the way they're feeling cascas emotions with each memory, is gonna make the eclipse a very terrible experience for them.
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