1. I was thinking the same; Berserk with the same effort that was put into animation with OP man. That'd be insane.
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  2. Fucking finally... I keep thinking that I'll never get to see the end of berserk because he's going to die before he finishes it.
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  4. Thanks for the link, it's interesting that they beat Evil_genius to the release.

    It was a good chapter, it's nice to have something a bit more lighthearted and positive. If Casca has been cursed then I would hope it's a relatively straight forward fix to get her back to her senses. I had always written it off as mental scarring and wasn't sure that I wanted her back but it'll be fine. I'm trying to work out where the hell a counter army is going to come from. At the moment it's essentially Guts and some witches versus an army.

    I like the idea of a game of death style end to the manga where Guts has to fight his way through increasingly stronger apostles before facing Griffith but I also like the idea of an all out war.

    Long may the steady releases continue but I won't hold my breathe.
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  5. Wow I clearly missed a couple chapters. This was indeed a good lighthearted and humorous chapter. I really hope they get Casca back to how she was before. She will be a good ally instead of a burden when real danger comes.
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  6. It feels good to have Berserk back.. It's been so long...
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  8. I know that this video being posted here is essentially preaching to the converted but I thought you might enjoy it and other people who have yet to read/watch Berserk might also find that it's the incentive they needed to start.

    This channel hasn't existed for too long but he has made some other interesting videos that you also might like.
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  10. A little warning please! WTF! Suddenly that's it, no more Berserk until next year? :( Just to be clear, Berserk was on hiatus for about 7 months and then we got 1 chapter a month for 4 months. It was a 9 month hiatus before that but at least we got 6 chapters when it came back. I enjoy the story too much for all this waiting! :p

    I enjoyed that chapter but I feel like things are about to go horribly wrong. Casca's visions could end up corrupting the Fairy King or buggering up other peoples minds. I'm not sure what's going to happen next. I had always imagined that she would get her mind back and then would end up dying fairly shortly afterwards. I don't know if that's the case now though.
  11. I'd probably need a break too, knowing what's coming next. It's like he said "what could possibly be more intense than the original eclipse? Oh, I know, amping it up to 11 by subjectively experiencing it as Casca's nightmares of what actually happened."

    Fucking insane is right.
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  12. What a freaking tease, smh.
  13. Holy shit, as soon as the Fairy King said that about reliving Casca's nightmare I was like: ARE WE SURE WE WANNA DO DIS???
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  14. Shouldn't it be the Fairy Queen or am I crazy?
  15. That's exactly what I thought.
  16. I feel like this is why guts wanted to join them... unfortunately, they won't have someone who was there. Also, since it's connected to the astral realm, I wonder if the god hands will be able to interact with them, even though it is a memory
  17. They about to get mindfucked...and possibly other kinds of fucked that haven't been invented yet.

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  18. That hole that you made with that pic, that's where they are gonna get f**ked the next chap lol.

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